Jamal Kenner


Nondescript, 5’ 10" sandy haired native of Gemenon.


Native of Gemenon, but a skeptic who found the colony’s religiosity was making him crazy. He joined the Fleet to get away from it all and did not visit home again. Despite his disbelief in the Lords of Kobol, he was known to be a positive-thinker who always felt that any problem would be solved well by dedication and hard work.

Kenner was still an enlisted man when the Cylon attack came; he and Karl Valerii escaped to the Trident, where they found other Colonial officers.

Kenner assumed the duties of the Chief Engineer, but his world was rocked by the death of a child-helper they had picked up from the fighter-pilot academy where Trident jumped to find other survivors. The little girl soon came back, invisible to all but the Engineer, and soon he became convinced that she was a Lord of Kobol trying to steer his and his shipmates’ destinies.

Gradually Kenner came to believe in the Lords, but with that grew another belief: that he is a Cylon. Missing detonators from Trident’s arsenal turned up in his quarters, and Kenner was present in the flight-deck explosion that killed the child and many others. Kenner often ponders this and seeks counsel from Cylon prisoners in their midst.

Jamal Kenner

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