Battlestar Olympia

"Delving Into Darkness" Episode 203

The Book of Kobold Chapter 1, Verse 1

“Hark children of Kobol and hear the words of the Lords of your homeland for while thou may travel far and wide across the great black oceans to places unknown and unseen, the Lords of Kobol will travel with thee and watch over thee with their all seeing eyes and the wisdom of the ages.”

This Week Athena is still suffering the ill effects of what happened and Dr. Winslow is taking care of the child.
That gives Stabo, Kenner, and Valerii a chance to investigate further. We being with Strabo checking over the flight deck for more clues. starting near where the missile rack was he begins to search out. He finds cloth that Alvarez used to tie her hair with near one of the walls. Using his black light he finds a few traces of blood, some drippings on the floor leading to a hatch. Searching the hatch he finds it takes you directly to the arsenal where both the conventional missiles for the fighters and the nuclear warheads for the ship are kept. Kenner is called in and he believes that the locking mechanism may have been tampered with, At this point they call the Colonel who sends Captain Valerii and the Master Chief to investigate further. After opening the arsenal doors, A quick investigation notes nothing out of place until Kenner notices a couple of the screws that secure the plate on a nuclear warhead seem loose. The Master Chief tells Kenner how to open the plate and they discover the Core is missing.

The Master Chief offers her resignation immediately, but is talked out of it. Then Lt Rymer comes along and says there is a broadcast they should listen to. It shows Hestia giving an interview. She appears to be strained. The interviewer makes certain allegations that Strabo was working for Cylons and a few other references such as being able to see the stars, Strabo thinks he recognizes the voice and identifies it as Chance Dormer, the agent for the Colonial Intelligence he met on Canceron that was trying to kill Commander Hartmann.



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