Battlestar Olympia

"Campaigns, Schemes and Murder in the Eye" Episode 202

“As faith wans, look for a sign from the Child, of the might of the Lords, thus will be revealed the sign of the true fight for humanity. In the battle between Demons, Giants and ordinary men one will prove victorious over the others. And determine the fate of mankind. While this battle rages the chosen mother will receive a vision of her destiny.”

.The Scene opens with Timon Strabo in his VIP quarters aboard the Trident., He awakens to see his assistant Hailey Vance standing in his room. How could she be hear since he was told she died on Canceron. Hailey tells him he looks good in his blue suit. (GM’s Note: This turns out to be a big part of the story because we use Savage Worlds with the Adventure deck, unbeknownst to me at the time, Strabo’s player drew the Sharp Dressed card giving him a +4 to his charisma.) Strabo questions how she could be here, and she answers I’ll tell you later something is about to happen on the landing deck and he doesn’t want to miss it. Strabo refuses to go without answers but eventually relinquishes.

On the Landing deck as Strabo enters. Chief Petty Officer Kenner is informed that deckhand 2nd class Alvarez has not reported for duty this morning and was not in her rack when the deckhand reporting woke up. Kenner knows Alvarez is not usually late for her assignments. She was assigned to check the Cinches on the missile racks last night, as they prepare to move the ordinance to the Olympia. She was reported as being working late. Another deckhand approaches with a fusion power supply telling Kenner it’s shot, Kenner orders it stripped of all valuable pieces for parts.

At this point Strabo sees young Athena enter the landing deck and walk up to Kenner. Kenner finds that strange as she usually doesn’t come down to the flight deck, especially without Dr. Winslow. At that very moment one of the techs moving the missile racks screams bomb.

Strabo finds himself stuck in place and unable to move. Kenner reacts he looks for somewhere to grab Athena and take her through a door or behind some protection. As he reaches up to grab the eight year old, she reaches her had up to his chest and shoves, suddenly Jamal Kenner is being thrown through the air by an 8 year old. Kenner slams into the wall and is shaken up from the impact. He sees Athena put one hand on the nonworking fusion power supply, and raises her other hand just as the explosion goes off. The explosion engulfs the missile rack it was attached to, (These are missiles for the fighters) and they go up as well.

Just as this is happening Strabo starts speaking in an other worldly voice:


“Under the watchful eye of my Brother, so shall the child unleash the power of the Lords. Although stricken from effort she shall so be anointed Daughter of Zeus, Athena Lord of Kobol Reborn.”

“This shall be a sign, that the chosen shall soon see their paths. Guard the child well for her enemies whether they be Titans, Demons, or He who should not be named shall know of her awakening. Terrible would be my wrath if my favored child’s blood is spilled a second time.”

With Athena’s outstretched hand, the explosion expands to a point and then stops as if being contained in a bubble. The bubble expands at points like it is going to break free, then solidifies again, this goes on for what seems like an eternity then the explosion begins to recede until finally it is gone. Other than the fact a rack of missiles is gone, there is no evidence and explosion ever took place. No one is hurt.

Athena first turns and smiles at Kenner then her smile changes to a more serious expression as she places her hand up to her nose. Blood starts trickling down her nose, she frowns and collapses to the floor. Kamala Rushes towards her and proclaims she is not breathing. Kenner rushes to her as well. He can not detect a pulse and yells out for someone to get medical. Strabo being near communications calls to the med bay and Dr. Winslow answers. She is shocked when informed Athena is hurt as she looks where she had been sitting in the corner. She rushes to the med bay. Strabo then goes over to the stricken child lifts her up and gives a prayer to Hephaestus to help the child. Dr. Mallard was a little closer than Sophia and arrives on the scene. He gets Strabo to put her down on a table and pronounces that she is breathing. Dr. Winslow arrives and Mallard moves out the way. She checks her over and orders her to be taken to the Med bay immediately. Mallard says Athena appears to be in a coma. Dr. Winslow prefers to call it a deep trance.

Strabo carries the girl to sick back and bends down and places her in a bed. Suddenly he stops moving for a brief moment he appears to be frozen in time, (Strabo has a vision), when he releases from his vision he is disoriented and needs Dr. Winslow’s help to get in a chair. As Winslow is examining Athena She suddenly falls on top of the girl unmoving (She has a vision), when she comes around a moment later, Strabo helps her up.

Captain Valerii goes to check on CIC wonders what the heck is going on when the alarm goes off. He is told it is coming from the Landing Bay and that someone has been injured. He heads to the Landing bay and sees Kenner, where he is informed of what happened, and that Athena ws apparently the only injury. He is also informed of the missing tech. Kenner calls Sergeant Wilcotts and Valerii gives her orders to find the missing tech. Kenner suggests she could be hiding somewhere ont he ship. The two of them head up to the med Bay.

When they arrive for a report, Valerii cannot help but notice a few strands of Athena’s hair is out of place so he uses his hand to adjust them. A moment later he is on his knees waking up from his vision, with blood trickling down his nose. Strabo helps him into a chair. While the four are there. they hear a voice from behind, say. “What is going on, on my ship?” they turn to see Colonel Frost standing there, Bandages still covering her mid section. She’s welcomed back and informed of the situation. The Colonel gives Valerri orders to find this missing tech, she then brushes Athena’s hair with her hand and exits.

Kenner starts to leave to help with finding the tech, but his small angel tells him it is his turn. He turns goes to Athena and touches her and much like the rest he collapses and is still, however Strabo is prepared this time and eases Kenner into a chair when he collapses. Kenner has his vision. Valerii leaves after being notified by the Master Chief that they may have found the missing tech. In the hallway he is confronted by a Blue haired woman wearing large sunglasses to conceal her identity. She identifies herself as Hestia, reporter for the Colonial News Agency. Her Cameraman is in tow. She asks Valerii to comment on what is going on. He of course refuses. There is something about her though that seems familiar to Valerii. Valerii is met by Lt. Vaughn Gunn who also refuses to talk to the reporter. They try to follow the two until Strabo intercepts them and offers to take them over to the Quiet Meadow and explain the system used for nitrate recovery. Not the news Hestia wanted to learn, but she begins following. along.

Kenner catches up with the group looking at some duct work, with the MC saying that they think Alvarez is in there. Kenner removes the section of the duct work, and blood spills out. They take the ducting back to Med Bay, there is no morgue on the Trident. Another tech is ordered to bring some snips. Inside is Alvarez. Her throat has apparently been slit by something very sharp like a surgical instrument, and she is also missing her index finger on her right hand. Dr. Mallard closes a curtain around Athena while the rest investigate. Strabo is ordered to return to the ship as someone voices he may be involved.

Dr. Winslow does an autopsy, she is not a forensic doctor, but she determines Alvarez died sometime late last night, and that her throat had been slit with something very sharp. She also says there is not enough blood to suggest she was killed and immediately placed in the ducting. Strabo returns and notices some bruising around the neck consistent with a Garrote, but the Garrote is obviously not the weapon used to cut poor Alvarez’s throat. But could have been used to remove the finger post mortem. Kenner notices that Alvarez’s tool belt has a fresh unopened supply of cable ties. Strange that she would have a full unopened pack and no extras. The ties are different colors and they use them for many purposes. One of which being attaching them to the missiles to mark them as secure.

Strabo the Master Chief, and Kenner return to the landing bay and notice the floor to the storage room has been recently mopped. Strabo asks for a black light, and Kenner with his skills quickly fashions one for him.
There are samples of blood found, and some zip ties are curiously found on a couple of the racks.

The Credits roll with the investigation in full swing.



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