Welcome to the Battlestar Olympia.

With the destruction of the twelve colonies by the Cylons, a small group of survivors followed their destinies and eventually found the Battlestar Olympia to serve as their new flag vessel. Along the way they made new friends, new enemies, and uncovered Cylon threats. Follow along with the Crew as they try to keep the dream of the twelve colonies alive.

Savage Worlds Character Creation

About the Show
Battlestar Olympia is broadcast once a week during it’s season of approximately 13 episodes. Most of the Actors are on location, however Dr. Winslow mostly skypes in from a top secret installation somewhere on a planet called Earth. Occasionally she visits the studios so we can have a full house. When Galactica is not being “Filmed” one of our many other shows which could include “Fight Night”, or “Rise of the Twelve” produced by me, or many other shows such as “Poetry and Program”, “Amerika after the Fire” or the soon to be released “Savage Space 1889” by our rookie producer are dominating the studios.

Battlestar Olympia

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