“Imperial Virgon”
Ancient Name:
Population: 4.3 billion
Patron God: Hestia
Capital: Boskirk
Major Cities: Boskirk, Blaustad, Hadrian
Attractions: House of Parliament, Tower of Virgon, Petrus Palace, Virgon Universities
Pyramid Teams: Virgon United, Boskirk All Reds
Natives: Kristen Jonas
Publications: Virgon Royal Times

Also called “The Blue Colony” because of it’s oceans and blue-tinted plant life, Virgon was the birthplace of Colonial language and culture, and its Capital, Boskirk, as the first city of the colonies for nearly a thousand years. However, a long and costly war between Virgon and its neighbor Leonis, led to the Virgon empires gradual decline, and paved the way for the rise of Caprica. Virgon is the only remaining monarchy in the colonies, although the Royal family’s rule is largely ceremonial and day-to-day administration is carried out by planetary parliament.

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