The Government

The Articles of Colonization unified the Twelve Colonies into a federal republic. It was the first time the colonies had agreed on so many things at once. A democratically elected President ran the show.

He chose a Cabinet of Ministers to run the various Ministries: Defense, Education, Justice, and others. The Ministers’ appointments had to be confirmed by the Quorum of Twelve, though. Just one of the many times that the government ground to a frakking crawl.

The Quorum of Twelve boosted one elected representative from each colony. They confirmed Minister appointments, nominated and confirmed the Vice President, and decided many other issues. Each had one vote on each issue, with the President breaking ties. Unfortunately, the Quorum liked to debate. It was their specialty. By the time they made up their minds about something, it was a miracle if it mattered anymore. Then there were the decisions that
defied all logic.

The Lord’s Council, which gave priests and oracles the President’s ear and powers of justice and legislature. The People’s Council, which did the same for the “average” citizen.

The Government

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