The Cylons

The Cylons haven’t been sitting on their chrome plated hands for the last forty years. They are faster, smarter, and stronger than they were in the first conflict. They even figured out how to look like us. All the way down to the blood.

Their raiders are sleeker and have FTL drives now. Their Centurions are faster and more agile. They still use many of the weapons humans gave them, up to and including nukes. Otherwise, though, we’re dealing with a whole new breed of toaster here.

Cylons claim to worship God—singular—and the skinjobs tell us that’s why they have to kill us. “The children of humanity will only grow up when their parents are dead.” So far, they’re doing a pretty stellar job. They came this close to exterminating the human race back at the colonies, and they haven’t been more than one step behind the fleet since.

Doubt and fear pulses through every ship in the line. The Cylons could be anywhere. They could be any of us. The guy fixing your coffee, the gal comforting her kid, the joker raising your Triad bet—any of them could be toasters. They might not even know it. We know they have sleeper agents. We just don’t know who they are.

Are you a Cylon?

Beyond the paranoia, there’s still so many questions unanswered. Where did they go after the First Cylon War? How did they “find God?” Is this God real and if so, what is it? How did they build the human models? What else do they want from us? How long have they been among us? How many are among us right now?

What we do know is we’re outmatched. The Cylons don’t get tired. They don’t need food. For every toaster, raider, and skinjob we take out, they build two more. So how do you defeat an enemy you can’t stop? We’ve got roughly fifty thousand chances left to find out. After that, it’s game over.

The Cylons

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