“The Old Colony”
Ancient Name:
Population: 2.5 billion
Patron God: Ares
Offic*ial Language:* Tauron
Capital: Hypatia
Major Cities: Hypatia, Tauron City (Minos)
Attractions: Minos, Olympia Hippadrome, Great Tauron Plains
Pyramid Teams: Olympia Stallions, Tauron Bulls
Publications: The Tauron Globe Times

One of the largest and wealthiest colonies, Tauron regained its independence from Virgon and Leonis 850 years ago, and fought a bloody civil war three decades ago when Ha’la’tha resistance fighters attacked the governing Heraclitus regime. Know for it’s rocky, reddish soil, Tauron’s chief industries are farming and livestock, and its oldest city Minos, was once located on a cattle trail. Tauron is also a major center of industry and technology, as well as home of the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate (formed by former resistance fighters), which has spread throughout the colonies.

After the Fall

Like its sister worlds, Tauron is heavily devastated during the Cylon attack and its population killed by nuclear bombardment. The ultimate fate of the planet is unknown.

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