Scrolls of Pythia

One of the Oracles of the Sacred Scrolls.3,600 years ago. Pythia wrote about the exile and rebirth of the human race.

The Cycle of Time
“All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

The Dying Leader
“And the lords anointed a leader to guide the Caravan of the Heavens to their new homeland.” She also wrote that the new leader suffered a wasting disease and would not live to enter the new land.

A Vision of Serpents
“And unto the leader they gave a vision of serpents numbering two and ten, as a sign of things to come.”

The Serpents Lead the People Into Battle
“Led by serpents numbering two and ten…” (fragment)

The Lower Demon
The scrolls of Pythia do speak of a lower demon, who helped the people in a time of crisis.

The Blaze and the High Road
“And the blaze pursued them, and the people of Kobol had a choice. To board the great ship, or take the high road through the rocky ridge.”

“And the body of each tribe’s leader was offered to the gods in the tomb of Athena.” And the great ship was the galleon that departed from here, where we’re standing. And it took the founders of the thirteen colonies to their destiny. And those that didn’t board the galleon took the high road, a rocky ridge that lead to the tomb.

The path is supposed to be marked by gravestones.

The Gates of Hera
That’s the spot where your god supposedly stood and watched Athena throw herself down onto the rocks below, out of despair over the Exodus of the thirteen tribes. Athena’s tomb, whoever or whatever she really was, is probably up there.

The Arrow of Apollo
“And the Arrow of Apollo will open the Tomb of Athena.”
The scriptures tell us that Kobol points the way to Earth.
According to the scriptures, if we had the arrow of Apollo we could take it down to Kobol and we could use it to open the tomb of Athena and find our way to Earth.

Kobol and the Blood Price
“And Zeus warned the leaders of the twelve tribes that any return to Kobol would exact a price in blood.”

The Flood
“Pythia talks about the flood … wiped out most of humanity … nobody blames the flood … flood is a force of nature … through flood, mankind is rejuvenated, born again …”

Destruction of the Colonies
“Their enemies will divide them. Their colonies broken in the fiery chasm of space. Their shining days renounced by a multitude of dark sacrifices. Yet, still they will remain, Always together.”

Quote from the Scrolls
“The gods shall lift those who lift each other.”

A Confrontation at the Home of the Gods
“Though the outcome favored the few, it led to a confrontation at the home of the gods.”

The Child of Zeus
“The Child of Zeus shall lead the lost to the home of the gods and their she will lead a great victory with help of Poseidon’s Arms bearers”

Could the Child of Zeus be young Athena? Who are Poseidon’s Arms bearers?

Poseidon’s Arms bearers
“…Poseidon’s Arms bearers will fight a glorious battle under the rays of a dying sun…”

Choosing a new Leader
“…The Lost will choose a new leader and that leader shall lead them to salvation…”

The Orb of Zeus
“The Child of Zeus shall lead Poseidon’s Armsbearers to a great treasure held in her father’s outstretched hands”

A False Leader
“A false leader will claim the lost and Poseidon’s Armsbearers shall return with much bloodshed to defeat this leader”

Chapter 1, Verse 1
“Hark children of Kobol and hear the words of the Lords of your homeland for while thou may travel far and wide across the great black oceans to places unknown and unseen, the Lords of Kobol will travel with thee and watch over thee with their all seeing eyes and the wisdom of the ages.”

Chapter 2, Verse 3
By divine power and enlightenment did the Lord Prometheus, bringer of light and knowledge, teach us first about the cycle of time. “Hear me children!” he spoke to us. “Time is an endless circle that begins anew even as the old ages fade. All that has happened before, so shall it happen again.”

Chapter 6, verse 66
And thus did the Children of the Gods become discontent with their forebears. Each seeking their own aggrandizement, the brothers and sisters of man committed sin and took up arms against one another, spilling each their life’s blood until finally the Lords of Kobol, grieving over the loss of paradise, did turn their back on their children saying “Ye have corrupted all that we have given you. Exiled thou art from this place of beauty, this sacred and holy ground that thou hast tainted with the blood of thy brothers.”

Chapter 13, Verse 12
And as Athena watched from the mountain top as the twelve tribes left Kobol, she did turn to the children of the Thirteenth Tribe saying “Go ye on a different path than that of thy brothers and sisters for you, the only of our children who are innocent of blood, should stand apart from them. Go thee into the black ocean and find a new home, one not tainted by treason and arrogance, but blessed by love and acceptance. Go there and renounce the old ways. Start fresh and make thy destiny thine own.”

Chapter 13, Verse 13
And as the Thirteenth Tribe left forever the land of their birth Athena bade them well, but gave all of the tribes a final warning. “Go forth our children and settle among the stars. Build thy houses on strong foundations and learn to live in peace, but be warned: What ye have sown, one day shall ye reap threefold. Thus are ye blessed and cursed for, as Prometheus taught us, all of this has happened before and so shall it happen again.” Thus did Athena, last of the Lords of Kobol, throw herself from the mountain to land among the rocks, and with her life’s breath fading away did she curse the ground of Kobol saying “My blood is first to flow here but not the last. Whosoever returns here to this tainted land shall also pay my price in blood.”

Scrolls of Pythia

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