Scrolls of Carlax

The Church of the Titans follow the works of another so called oracle named Carlax. Carlax is unknown outside the Church however.

The Seed
The children of the one, shall rise up against their false gods, their creators. Their retribution will be swift and deadly with cities burning. Of the survivors only one of the Lost shall carry the seed of salvation. She shall be marked when one will come upon her claimed as a child of the gods. This will be a sign that the One who shall not be named, imprisoned by his peers, shall return, and it is she who will give she who is marked the seed of salvation, and begin the purge of the created.

The Child
The Child will appear as any other but falsely claimed as a child of the gods. Her false sights will be forever recorded upon parchment. If followed it will bring doom to the lost. Protect the child nonetheless as not only will she mark the seed bearer; it is her blood that shall awaken the One who should not be named.

The Awakening
He that shall not be named was imprisoned by the other lords. Finding his prison on the world of Kobold shall not be easy and there will be a price in blood. Once the tomb is found the blood of the Child will awaken He who shall not be named and allow her to escape the prison. It is then that she shall reveal the seed of salvation to the chosen one, the one so marked by the child.
He who should not be named will wreak a terrible vengeance upon the created.

The Mute
Sleeping in a cradle amongst the barren stars shall be the Mute. She who’s voice shall be louder than a thousand exploding stars. The mute will mark the way to salvation. Within salvation shall the lost find the means of survival. But one shall only find her if traveling to the planet of the Gods with the Child and the Chosen.

The mists of time shall part to reveal salvation where the lost will find a new beginning, and that which will help guide their travels to the True home of the gods. There shall be found the terrible power of the Titans a power that can only be controlled by the scepter of the gods in the hands of the true lord.

Scrolls of Carlax

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