“The Lone Colony”
Ancient Name:
Alternative Name: Sagittarion
Population: 1.7 billion
Patron God: Zeus
Capital: Tawa
Attractions: Acheron River
Pyramid Teams: Sagittaron Archers
Natives: Jamal Kenner, Tom Zerek

The Barren, mountainous world of Sagittaron endured centuries of exploitation by the other colonies, and, perhaps as a result, its inhabitants are still quite poor, and have been slow to embrace modern science and technology. Because of their religious beliefs, many Sagittarons eschew medical treatments in favor of folk remedies, and choose not to serve in the Colonia Militia. Public displays of affection, as well as singing and dancing, are banned by law, although visitors will find the capital, Tawa, a bit more tolerant, than the isolated mountain valleys.

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