Prophecy of Earth

According to the Sacred Scrolls, a Thirteenth Tribe left Kobol over four thousand years ago. These starfarers struck out in a different direction than the Lords of Kobol and their charges. They ventured deep into unknown space and “made their home on a planet called Earth, which circled a distant and unknown star.” As with all of the Sacred Scrolls, though, hard to say where the myth stops and the truth starts.

Some oracles say we’re living through a prophecy written by Pythia over three thousand years ago. She was one of the original authors of the Sacred Scrolls. Many find Pythia’s scripture fairly vague, but some are starting to see the parallels. Pythia wrote, “the Lords anointed a leader to guide the caravan of the heavens to their new homeland.”

This could be President ???? and the fleet, but it might also refer to the original escape from Kobol, or any of the colonies after Tauron. It doesn’t help that Pythia also said that, “unto the leader, they gave a vision of serpents numbering two and ten, as a sign of things to come,” and that the leader would suffer a “wasting illness” and wouldn’t live to enter the new
land. So far, the President looks fine. She’s a little skittish now and then, but that’s to be expected for someone in her position. The serpents? Closest we’ve got are the Vipers down in the flight pods. Come to think of it, twelve Vipers did lead a mission to take a Cylon base recently ….

If the scriptures are true, then we’re in for some chop. They foretell of bigger battles ahead, including a “confrontation at the home of the gods.” An artifact called the Arrow of Apollo is supposed help point the way. Well, that’s helpful. They also say that, “Kobol will lead the way to Earth.” Good news for the victors.

Guess we better not frak up.

Prophecy of Earth

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