Poseidon's Rage

Poseidon’s Rage is a galactic anomaly spanning thousand’s of light years. Navigation thru the anomaly is almost impossible. Radiation within the “Storm” renders Dradis and other sensor attempts useless. And visibility is none. If that did not make it hard enough, energy discharges which look similar to lighting when you can see them, are a constant problem. These discharges are capable of severely damaging a ship even one with armor such as a Battlestar. Needless to say attempts to map the interior of this anomaly have proved fruitless.

During the first Cylon war, a desperate Captain Red Plantar ordered his scout ship into the rage in an attempt to avoid a Cylon Basestar. After making several random course changes to hopefully avoid any pursuers the Captain realized his ship, “The Voyager” was hopelessly lost. He and his mostly Canceron crew prayed to Hermes and their patron Lord Hephaestus for help. Their prayers seemed unanswered after several energy discharges had damage their ship and it didn’t seem they would make it much longer, when before them there seemed to be a clearing of some such. Ordering his ship into the clearing the crew couldn’t believe their eyes as they had apparently found the Eye of the Storm.

They Eye

Inside the eye there were no electrical discharges and visibility was 100% The eye was a large area of space in itself, however no stellar bodies were recorded. The Radiation that had plagued their sensors seemed to lessen allowing them after making much needed repairs to their ship they were able to figure out their position. Marking the Eye. After repairs the crew set a direct course to take them back to the colonies. FTL was useless in the “Storm” even inside the eye, so they had to wait until exiting Poseidon’s Rage before spinning up their FTL and returning home. Some minor damage happened on their way back out of the storm, but the crew was able to fix this and return home. Plantar’s report found it’s way into the hands of Admiral Ortiz of Colonial Intelligence, he mad sure he had the only copies as this eye could be userful later.

Poseidon's Rage

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