“The ocean Colony”
Ancient Name:
Population: 1.4 billion
Patron God: Poseidon
Capital: Queenstown
Major Cities: Perkinston, Queenstown, Pailyn
Attractions: Colonial Fleet Headquarters, Penrose Harbor
Pyramid Teams: Picon Panthers
Natives: Nebula Muse
Publications: Picon Star Tribune

The surface of Picon is over 75% water, but unlike Aquaria, it’s climate is temperate (At least during the summer months), and its seas support an abundance of aquatic life. Once governed by Virgon, Picon is now one of the more socially progressive colonies, providing health care and affordable housing to all citizens. The populace is affluent and educated, with an enviable low crime rate. One of the major employers is the Colonial Fleet, which is based in Parkinson as well as various orbital facilities. Picon’s Capital, Queenstown, started out as a fishing village, and now supports a thriving entertainment industry that rivals Caprica.

The colony came under heavy attack during the early stages of the Cylon attack. The destruction of Picon’s Fleet Headquarters caused President Richard Adar to offer a complete and unconditional surrender to the Cylons. This offer was ignored by the invading forces.

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