“Heart of the Colonies”
Ancient Name:
Population: 2.6 billion
Patron God: Artemis
Official Language: Leonese
Capital: Luminere
Major Cities: Luminere, Hedon
Attra*ctions:* Royal Palace of Leonis, Hedon Grand Casino
Pyramid Teams: Leonis Wildcats, Hedon Suns

Leonis has always been a major center of education and industry, and despite the gradual integration of the colonies, it has maintained its own distinctive language and culture. With almost no axial tilt, the planet is blessed with a mild and predictable climate, which means spectacular beaches and year-round ski slopes. Not surprisingly, Leonan food and wine are considered the bbest in the colonies. Dispite historical clashes on Picon and other colony worlds, Leonis is now on relatively good terms with it’s neighbor Virgon.

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