“The First Colony”
Ancient Name: Gemini
Population: 2.8 billion
Patron God: Hera
Official Language: Old Gemenese
Capital: Oranu
Major Cities: Oranu, Illumini
Attractions: Kobol Colleges, Illumini Pantheon, Gramada Mountains, Spatiu Gol Plateau, Pustiu Desert
Pyramid Teams: Gemenon Twins, Illumini Vipers
Natives: Sophia Winslow, Mildred Veil, Brother Jedidiah

The first colony founded was Gemenon which shares its orbit with the more populous and affluent neighbor, Caprica. The birthplace of several major religions, including the controversial soldiers of one, and the Church of the Titans, Gemenon has been torn by religious division for most of its history. Its Climate, from frozen plateaus to searing deserts, can make life difficult for its residents, who are known for their toughness as well as their strict religious interpretation to the Sacred Scrolls.

During the Cylon attack, Gemenon comes under heavy assault by Cylon air and ground forces, completely obliterating one city with a high-yield nuclear device, and causing extensive damage to another with conventional means.

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