Colonial culture took root at least as far back as Kobol. Maybe earlier. Fancy glass cases in Delphi and Caprica City held relics from the time of the war between the gods, and a few that looked older.

Few know who created them, but they were valued throughout the Twelve Colonies. The cycle of time teaches that we learn and grow with every journey. It also reveals that everything is fleeting.

The Twelve Colonies’ journey ended in fire. Countless works of creative genius were annihilated: Kitaris’ poems, which illuminated the spirit and exposed humanity’s weaknesses; Monclair’s stylized oils, which captured passion amid horror; the original score of the colonial anthem. The survivors hold onto what’s left as best they can. Some cling to what they remember. Others even now are building on it. As happened after the exodus from Kobol, the fleet’s culture is growing from trampled roots. What comes next will echo the past, but also can’t help but be unique to this new age. Already we’re seeing artists create chalk murals on bulkheads or build sculptures out of scrap. Galactica’s deck hands are talking about ways to install rec areas in the unused spaces of the ship.

Little amusements linger as well. People still play Pyramid, even if leagues and formal teams are things of the past. Games are one on one or three on three. They’re a hell of a lot more rugged and less structured.

The card game Triad is also popular, especially in the military. Gives the troops something to do between duty shifts. People still bet cubits, but mostly for fun. When you want to get serious, you toss in something of real value, like fumarella cigars or a week’s KP duty.

Gods help us, the most lasting record of the fleet’s culture will probably come from the press. someone would have decided “to seek the truth” and started reporting. Just the way humans work..


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