Character Creation

We use the Savage Worlds Game system for the Battlestar Olympia Campaign.

Characters are drawn up using the standard character generation method in that game with the following exceptions.

Rank Limitation

Skills in Battlestar Galactica have a maximum die type limited by their rank.

Rank Max Die Type
Novice D8
Seasoned D10
Veteran+ D12

No Free Edge

Colonial Characters do not get the free standard edge at character creation, instead they get attribute increase, an edge, or a starting skill depending on their colony of origin.

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Aerilon – Aerilonians start with a D6 in Strength
Aquaria – Aquarians start with 4 extra skill points to be used on knowledge skills with a focus in science.
Canceron – Cancerons Start with the Brawny Edge.
Caprica – Capricans gain 4 skill points to use on any knowledge skills
Gemenon – Gemenons start with the quick edge.
Leonis – Leonans start with a D6 in Smarts
Libran – Librans start with a D6 in Smarts
Picon – Picons start with the edge Charisma
Sagittaron – Sagittarons start with a D6 in Spirit
Scorpia – Scorpians start with the Luck Edge
Tauron – Taurons start with the Level Headed Edge
Virgon – Virgons start with the Attractive Edge

Character Creation

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