The original Cylon Centurion was supposed to make colonial life easier. It was built to be durable, dependable, and strong. The idea was that an android could perform tasks that humans couldn’t, or wouldn’t. It could mine asteroids for tylium without an EVA suit. It could fight without risking human casualties. Unfortunately, the survival instinct programming required to win wars backfired.

The Model 0005 was six and a half feet tall, bipedal, and had marginal dexterity—just enough to use most weapons and tools. It wasn’t very fast and could only operate on its own for about eight to ten years without a new battery. People called it a “walking chrome toaster” due to the shape and design of its head, and the term’s still used to refer to all Centurions. The original model’s most prominent features, though, were a glowing red eye that bounced back and forth and the heavy stink of machine oil.

The post-holocaust Centurion keeps much of the original design, though it’s slimmer and faster. Its tall, tapered head and heavy gait have earned it the nicknames “bullet head,” “clanker,” and “chrome job.” The hands have seen a major upgrade. The fingers are much more agile and can slice through colonial armor. The whole forearm can retract to reveal a double-barreled automatic weapon with savage stopping power. Clankers can run and jump with surprising strength and some of them are armored, requiring explosive rounds to take down.

Some of the crew have the dubious privilege of having to cut a few Centurions open. Unlike their predecessors, which were entirely mechanical, the new clankers contain living tissue. Got to be a way to exploit that. Just got to figure out how.


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