“Capital of the Colonies”
Ancient Name: Capricorn
Population: 4.9 billion
Patron God: Apollo
Official Language: Caprican
Capital: Caprica City
Major Cities: Caprica City, Delphi, Phoebus
Attractions: Delphi Museum of the Colonies, Atlas Arena, Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport, Graystone Industries, Apollo University, Pantheon Bridge, Ionian Islands, Orpheus Park
Pyramid Teams: Caprica City Buccaneers, Delphi Legion, Phoebus Suns
Natives: Natalie Frost….Brett Rymer

The lush and beautiful world of Caprica was largely left undeveloped for centuries, but it is now the undisputed center of Colonial politics, culture, art and education. It’s Oceanfront Capital, Caprica City, is an architectural marvel that is home to more than 7 million residents. Caprica is also known as the melting pot of the colonies, with thousands of immigrants and visitors arriving around the clock from every corner of the four systems.

During the Cylon attack, Caprica and it’s surrounding airspace, played host to numerous skirmishes, one of which would eventually determine the outcome of the war. Caprica herself, comes under heavy attack from Cylon forces right from the start. With numerous basestars jumping directly into orbit, they are quickly able to gain the upper hand. At least four battlestars, including the Yashuman and Valkyrie, are quickly dispatched, and numerous targets, including the once proud Caprica City, are annihilated from orbit by nuclear weapons. The attacks leave the civilian shipping lanes in the vicinity of Caprica/Gemenon shut down, but the civilian ships are relatively ignored in the opening moments of the attack, in favor of military targets. This gives them time to gather and flee the area, picking up other survivors along the way. Eventually the fleet amasses over 100 ships of all kinds, both civilian and homeless military support craft. However, only 75 FTL capable ships are able to flee Caprican airspace, leaving the sub-lights, and their passengers, at the hands of the Cylons.

Caprica City

History: Caprica City – colloquially “C-City” – is a major metropolitan area and the capital city of the planet Caprica before the integration of the Twelve Worlds under a single government. Following that integration, Caprica City is the home to the Twelve Colonies’ government offices, including the Office of the President and those of his cabinet.

In the years leading up to the Cylon War, Caprica City is a center of scientific discovery in which holoband technology is created and the first Cylons are developed. Despite its wealthy and progressive society, Caprica City is scorned by groups such as the Soldiers of the One for the decadence and moral decay demonstrated within in its limits and is targeted by terrorist attacks.

In the virtual world, Caprica City is the template for New Cap City, an illegally hacked game in which holoband users indulge in sex, drugs and gangster-style violence. New Cap City perfectly duplicates Caprica City, even integrating current events into its matrix, though with a gritty, film noir style. The virtual construct is later destroyed and re-created as an idyllic woodland setting.

After the Fall.

During the Cylon War, Caprica City is attacked by Cylon forces. Centurions and domestic Cylons utilize mobile war machines to attack the city and its population from the ground, while basestars and Raiders attack from the air.

Caprica City is once again a target during the second Cylon attack. First eliminating the city’s electrical grid and starting numerous fire storms, the Cylons ultimately destroy Caprica City with multiple independently targeted missiles and a 50-megaton nuclear detonation launched from orbit. The result is the total destruction of Caprica City


Before the Fall, Caprica City is a thriving urban center, a home to trade, industry, entertainment, and Colonial Military installations and spaceports. The city is located between the Caprican Bay and a range of hills, covering a wide expanse of land, divided by a number of waterways.

The skyline of Caprica City is distinguished by a number of prominent skyscrapers, with ultramodern glass and metal architecture intermingled with older, brick and stone buildings. The city is also populated by a number of statues bearing the likenesses of the Lords of Kobol.

At night, the city is illuminated by numerous neon lights and animated billboards. During optimal conditions, Caprica’s twin world Gemenon can be seen from within the city limits from the naked eye.

Apollo Park:

Apollo Park is a large amphitheater and recreation area located above street-level, surrounded by cafes, landscaped with trees and a grassy area. Apollo Park is distinguished by a large statue of the God Apollo.

On 7 Junius, Y42, a large memorial service is held at Apollo Park in honor of the victims of the STO bombing of MLMT Train #23. Despite some hesitance and the fact that Graystone Industries sponsored the event, Daniel and Amanda Graystone attend the service in memory of their daughter, Zoe Graystone.

Deeply disturbed by evidence indicating her daughter’s involvement with the STO, Amanda Graystone takes to the podium and declares that Zoe was a terrorist inspiring a riot. As the crowd moves on Amanda, the Graystones are barely able to escape Apollo Park with their lives.

Atlas Arena:

Atlas Arena is the home court of the Caprica City Buccaneers pyramid team. Owned by wealthy industrialist Daniel Graystone, the stadium hosts teams from many of the Twelve Worlds, including the Gemenon Twins and the Tauron Bulls, as well as the Pyramid Worlds Championships games.

Able to accommodate more than 30,000 fans, Atlas Arena stands in downtown Caprica City – along one of its waterways – and features a large statue of Atlas himself.

The arena becomes a target for suicide bombers associated with the Soldiers of the One terrorist cult. The attackers are repelled by a squadron of Marine Cyber Combat Units, saving thousands of Capricans and galvanizing Colonial support for Cylons.

The Riverwalk:

The Riverwalk section of Caprica City is an open-air promenade and park area. Landscaped with fountains and large reflecting pools, as well as playground equipment for families with children, the Riverwalk also features a large bazaar with vendors and other amenities.

The Riverwalk is frequented by members of all strata of Colonial life, from laborers and businessmen to luminaries such as the famous Doctor Gaius Baltar.

Orpheus Park:

Orpheus Park is another large public park in Caprica City, this one located outside the downtown area. Distinguished by a network of jogging paths, large wooded areas and open fields providing mountain vistas, Orpheus Park is used as a clandestine meeting place for GDD agent Jordan Duram and his confidential informant, Amanda Graystone, during their attempt to bring down the STO cell controlled by Clarice Willow.


The sprawling campus of Graystone Industries – the Caprica-based technology company owned by industrialist, scientist, and capitalist Daniel Graystone – is located near the waterfront of Caprica City. Spread throughout several modern buildings dominated by a pentagonal tower, Graystone Industries’ campus houses labs, offices, boardrooms, landing pads for aircraft and a “big, beautiful” gym, complete with boxing ring. It is at its Caprica City campus that the company pioneers such technology as the holoband and the U-87 Cyber Combat Unit – the prototypical Cylon.


Among Caprica City’s more diverse locations is Little Tauron, an ethnic enclave home to a sizable population of Tauron immigrants. Within the neighborhood, residents often speak the Tauron language and own and operate shops catering to Tauron cultural needs, including grocery stores, butchers and printing shops. Despite the family residences and peace of the neighborhood, members of the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate are widely known operate in relative comfort within the confines of Little Tauron, walking the streets with near impunity and operating out of the backroom of Connie’s Place restaurant. Prior to the first Cylon War, Little Tauron is home to Joseph Adama where he resides with his young son, future Battlestar Galactica commander William Adama. The area is considered “downtown” Caprica City.

Residential Areas:

Like any major metropolitan area, Caprica City provides a wealth of residential areas of varying economy for its citizens, from high density suburban housing to luxurious seaside and lakeside homes. Away from the urban sprawl and skyscrapers of downtown Caprica, families lived in tract housing and middle-class neighborhoods, with trash pickup provided by the city.

Some of the most lavish homes in Caprica City belonged to the brightest minds of Caprican society, the seaside estate of Doctors Daniel and Amanda Graystone being among the most opulent of its time – featuring a tennis court, multiple bedrooms, a robotic butler named Serge, and a private lab where Graystone conducted Defense Department work on the premises.

Schools in the area included Athena Academy, a private institute devoted to the teachings of the Goddess Athena as well as public schools like Wilson Elementary School, Promethia High School and Apollo University.


Caprica City boasted a number of attractions for tourists and residents. Among them were Pyramid games at Atlas Arena, the city’s many parks and gardens, as well as the Caprica City Museum of Contemporary. The Caprican Art Museum also displayed unique artifacts from Kobol.

Nightlife in Caprica City offered adult entertainment in the form of elaborate strip clubs and bars like Skybar . Hot spots like the Dive Bar also catered to residents seeking recreation in the form of chemical substances, serving as a bar and opium den.

In the Virtual World, Caprica City was represented by a darker, more subversive counterpart, New Cap City – an action adventure game accessible through illegal holoband hacks.


Following the first Cylon War, Caprica City was home to the Government of the Twelve Worlds, with the offices of the President, Richard Adar, and his cabinet just a short walk from the city’s Riverwalk. Military installations were also present in Caprica City, including spaceports shuttling Colonial officers to various points in the Twelve Worlds including the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards.

The Colonial Defense Mainframe was also accessible from government buildings within Caprica City. Caprica City Police was charged with keeping the city safe, with patrolmen on the streets in the Riverwalk and Little Tauron sections as well as stations all over the city – including one on Gore Street near Caprica City’s harbor.

Before being elected President of the Colonies, Richard Adar was Mayor of Caprica.

Prior to the initial Cylon conflict, Caprica’s Global Defense Department held a Caprica City bureau and the Caprican Defense Department held offices for former Defense Minister Val Chambers and his successor Joan Leyte. Caprica City Hall was located downtown.


Mass transit in Caprica City before the Fall was carried out a number of ways including city buses, taxi cabs and the Metropolitan Levitation Mass Transit system, or MLMT train. Operating both below ground and on elevated platforms, the MagLev train provided public transport to destinations all over Caprica City, including Atlas Arena and the city’s spaceports. 58 years before the Fall, MLMT train number 23 was the target of fanatical monotheist terror group Soldiers of the One in a devastating bombing. In the days following the tragic event, a Memorial Walk was created, dedicated to those who lost their lives aboard the train and the system was eventually rebuilt.

Caprica’s waterways were also traveled, with ships and ferries crossing the Caprican Bay and landing at the city’s docks which provided harbor for both ocean-going vessels and their space-going counterparts (including Colonial Heavy liners). The Pantheon Bridge also provided transit across the Caprican Bay as well as providing vehicle access to the Caprica Inter-Colonial Spaceport which offered off-world flights to locations such as Gemenon, Picon, and Tauron.

Caprica City also maintained expressways, though they were sometimes prone to congestion.


Delphi was a large city on the planet Caprica, situated in the same general region as Caprica City.

Geh4. neral Information:

Delphi was encircled by a rolling temperate rain forest and was located fairly close to a mountain range. Before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the city boasted a large spaceport and a military base.

One of the tallest structures in Delphi was the Telamont Building. Another major landmark was the Delphi Museum of the Colonies; among the items at the museum was the Arrow of Apollo.

In the less urbanized outskirts of the city, the Delphi Convalescent Institute served patients suffering from mental illness for more than sixty years prior to the fall of the Colonies. The Delphi Union High School was also located in this more forested area.

Delphi was home to the Delphi Legion pyramid team.

After the Fall:

Following the Cylon attack, Delphi, which was not directly targeted by nuclear weapons and therefore remained mostly intact, was used by the Cylons as a base of operations. The Cylons gradually re-settled Delphi – the humanoid Cylons appropriated apartments, restored the landscaping, and opened a restaurant and other facilities. The Delphi Convalescent Institute was temporarily converted into a farm for reproductive procedures with human women. The Caprica Buccaneers pyramid team survived the Cylon attack while undertaking high-altitude training near Delphi. They relocated to the Delphi Union High School and operated a resistance to the Cylon occupation from that location.

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