“The Largest Democracy”
Ancient Name: Cancer
Population: 6.7 Billion
Patron God: Hephaestus
Capital: Hades
Major Cities: Hades, Prommos, Mangala
Attractions: Prommos, Ruby Range, Kor Yaz Glacier
Pyramid Teams: Canceron Hydras, Hades Vice, Mangala Krill
Natives: Timon Strabo 

Located at Hestia’s L5 point, Canceron is the most populace of the 12 colonies, with 88 states represented in it’s planetary congress, (Canceron has proudly maintained it’s status as a constitutional democracy for more than 1000 years.)

A world known for the wealth and diversity of it’s people, Canceron’s cities and resorts offer something for everyone: Sunny Southern Beaches, snow capped northern mountains, and of course the legendary casino’s at Prommos.

Canceron is also blessed with farmland that is among the most fertile in the colonies,
as well as rich mineral deposits.

During the Cylon attack, Canceron is hit with at least three nuclear devices.

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