Battlestar Olympia

Welcome to the Battlestar Olympia campaign!
Campaign Notes

Campaign Note: I knew from the beginning I wanted the characters to start out on a small ship and eventually be led to finding a hidden Battlestar. So when I was looking for info on Savage Heroes for running a Savage Battlestar Galactica campaign, I was midly surprised when I found the Battlestar Galactica Campaign. I found out later on one of my characters wouldn’t be available for a couple weeks, (She’s a doctor), but the other players wanted to go on. So I decided to use the first part of the BSG Campaign write up as a fill in until the whole group got together. And the Doctor would be found on Maytoria once she had returned to the group.

Many Things were taken from that campaign write-up and many things changed. I wanted the Lords of Kobol to play a part as you ill see they do. I liked the “Angels” from the re-imagined series so they also made an appearance. About the only thing that won’t make an appearance is the original Cylons (or will they?) from the series. I made my own. And described several NPCs that could be the original 12, just for a bit of suspense..

"The Long Night Goodbye" Episode 101

“Life here, began out there”

Lieutenant Karl Valerii finds himself at the helm of a Raptor playing taxi driver for Rear Admiral Karak. also in the cockpit is co-pilot Ensign Karra Jarris, a young looking attractive Asian woman, Jamal Kenner, a knuckle-dragger, and the Admirals personal guards a couple of Marines.

The Raptor is being escorted by two Vipers piloted by Ensigns Tara and Sara Jarris, the other two thirds of the Jarris triplets. They are identical triplets but each has their own styles to tell them apart.

Since the Vipers don’t have FTL it is a few hour trip where the officers get to know each other a bit. Apparently Kenner is along to do a little maintenance on the station while the Admiral does his inspections.

Ahead looms Olymp station the station is an old installation that relays the signals of a chain of sensor-satellites surrounding Sagittaron. The Olymp does not use the Command Navigation Program (CNP).

After arriving the Raptor docks with the station and the Admiral, his body guards and kenner depart. Valleri takes the opportunity to grab some coffee and a sandwich with Kara in tow.

Once Kenner finishes his repairs, the team departs the station leaving the Admiral behind and his Marines behind. 20 or 30 minutes out their dradis picks up something on the edge of it’s range. It doesn’t take Valerri long to realize it’s some type of Jamming around the station.

As they close on the station they register 4 blips on Dradis which appear similar to Cylon craft. Once in visual range they realize it something totally new. With the Raptor being without weapons, Valerii begins a series of defensive maneuvers while Kenner uses the ECM gear to try and jam any Cylon targeting. It’s up to the escort to take on the Sparrows. Two-thirds of the triplets engage the enemy and with timely interventions by Valerri and Kenner are able to take the 4 craft down. Luckily for the fighter jockeys they were flying Mark II Vipers.

After Dispatching the Sparrows, Valerii docks with the station and they contact the brass. Major Taylor informs them that he and 4 others are in the security center near CIC, but that the Cylons have them pinned down and it’s only a matter of time before they breach the center. It is up to our Heroes to get to him.

Kenner then proceeds to get partial control of the stations video feeds from a terminal in the hallway he is able to see the two Cylons on patrol nearing their position and the four Cylons outside of the Security section. The Heroes set up to ambush the first two. With all the dead bodies lying about from the Cylon attack it doesn’t take them long to find some heavier ordinance, a couple of Marine Assault rifles and a few pistols with explosive rounds. The Three manage to get the first group in a crossfire and take them out though they realize these guys are a lot tougher than the old Cylons. Kenner always the optimist sees no problem taking out the last 4.

As they get closer to the Security center they find the body of the Admiral and his marines they were overrun trying to protect CIC. The comm gear is down, but Kenner finds a duty station still operational. Needing a little edge to help out. Kenner is able to McGuyver a power junction causing it to explode. This destroys one of the 4 Cylons and disorients the other three. A Party manages to take them down although all suffered some wounds of their own in this fight.

One of the Cylons was about to use some should fired weapon to blow open the door to security when our heroes interrupted. Luckily for the group the Weapon was not damaged when the power junction exploded. The Major and his men exit security and follow the group back to the Raptor.

The two Cylons not picked up by the video feed have found the raptor. as the group approaches one of the Cylons turns and throws a couple grenades inside the Raptor. With the Raptor destroyed. Kenner sees no reason to be subtle he aims and fires the rocket launcher destroying the last two Cylons.

But how do they get off the station? That’s when they are reminded that the Large Cylon ship is still docked.
That’s when the players get their first view of the Turkey. After dispatching it’s defenders, Valerii looks over the controls ad says he thinks he can fly this thing. It takes a couple of cracks at it before finally figuring it out. The Crew along with the two Vipers begin the long flight back to Sagittaron.

"Farewell" Episode 102

“All this has happened before and all this will happen again.”

After defeating the Cylons and rescuing the Major. The group climbs into the Cylon heavy raider and Valerii figures out how to fly it. Making their way back to Sagittaron they can see the damage already inflicted by the Cylons. Suddenly right in front of them an escort star “The Trident” and a civilian space liner “The Geminon Express” Jumps into the system. Valerii’s quick piloting avoids a collision. The Trident is about to open up on the heavy raider when one of the Triplets convinces it’s captain they are friendly’s.

After a tough landing on the landing deck, Debris is everywhere. The heroes take the only life up to the Hangar bay that is operational. It’s quite obvious the Trident has seen battle and suffered damage.

The Hangar deck is filled to the brim with ships including 10 mark II Vipers in the repair station of the hangar.
Ensign Ross meets them on the Hangar deck and then escorts them to CIC.

On the way to CIC the damage is evident everywhere. Panels undone, lighting out in some areas. etc.
They finally arrive on the bridge where they meet Captain Onslow. Onslow informs them of the surprise attack on the Colonies. They apparently are using some type of Virus to completely shut down ships like the Battlestar Poseidon and the new Mark VII Vipers. Onslow decided to rescue as many civilians as he could and take them to find reinforcements.

Major Taylor is outraged at Onslow running from battle and informs the captain he should have stayed and fought the Cylons. No argument on Onslow’s part deters the Major. Shortly thereafter a message comes in from the Battlestar Hyena. Onslow has it broadcast throughout the ship.

“To all ships in Sagittaron orbit this is Commander Anderson of the Battlestar Hydra. We are under heavy attack by an unknown number of Cylon ships. Since Rear Admiral Wright´s Battlestar Poseidon has been
destroyed, I take command of 7th Fleet as of this moment. I order all civilian and non combat ships of the Fleet to leave the combat zone immediately. If your ships are FTL capable jump out of system and wait for…”

It was at this point that Major Taylor looses it and draws his weapon along with his surviving Marines. The Armed members of Onslow’s staff draw their weapons as well. Though the Players attempt to mediate, a firefight ensues. The players side with the captain. When it is over most of the marines are dead, and captain Onslow has been killed. The Major has been captured. Onslow’s 2nd. Natalie Frost a tall Blonde takes over as acting captain.

Moments after the dust settles,a Dradis contact is made 5 cylon raiders attacking a lone civilian transport. Acting captain Frost orders condition one throughout the ship, and orders any pilots down to hangar bay where they can grab themselves a bird. Valerri and the Triplets head out.

With 4 Viper pilots against 5 Raiders, with additional support from Trident’s guns. It doesn’t take long to win the day, and save “The Hercules.” The credits Roll.

"Radiance" Episode 103

“…Poseidon’s Arms bearers will fight a glorious battle under the rays of a dying sun…”

After much deliberation the ships led by the Trident jump for the Icarus anchorage. The Anchorage is in a system with a star about to become a neutron star and as such has heavy radiation. To heavy for the civilian ships to enter, but the Escortstar is heavily shielded, Viper pilots, however are not.

It’s quite apparent that the Cylons have been here, Raiders float about apparently dead, and no one from within the anchorage answers the comm. To get inside it will be necessary for a little eva trip to manually open one of the doors. That falls on Kenner to get the doors open. At one point Kenner almost loses control of his suit but manages a save at the last minute. He then gets the hangar doors open.

Inside go Kenner, Valerii, and a group of Marines led by Vaughn Gunn, along with some of Kenners repair team. As they are searching the station a colonial runs up to them, badly affected by the long time radiation exposure. He informs them that the Cylons are on the station and that they are attempting to rig one of the nukes on the station to destroy everything. Immediately after his warning, 4 toasters come clanking down the hallways. A quick fire fight ensues. With the help of the Marines Kenner and Valerii dispatch the four and now they have to find those others before they can set off the nuke.

Finally the Saboteurs are spotted after one rips off some full auto fire at Kenner, he rolls out of the way of the shot, and gets some cover. As he lifts his head to find the Cylons he realizes he is using one of the nukes for cover. Gulp. The Cylons don’t care and shoot at him anyway. A couple well placed explosive round shots by Valerii reduce the saboteurs to two. The Cylon Raiders also use the Nukes for cover. Eventually after some careful maneuvering, use of spent bennies, and just shear luck the Colonials manage to take out the last two Cylons without damaging the nukes themselves.

Two last Cylons have flanked the group and have attacked the marines and knuckldraggers near their raptor. Upon approaching that area, Kenner notices a loose powerline and uses it on the two remaining raiders who were standing in some type of liquid. The high grade power line does the rest.

The team recovers ammunition for the railguns as well as 8 nukes from the arsenal.

"Colonial Camp" Episode 104

" …The flood shall wipe out most of humanity, through the flood, mankind is rejuvenated, and born again …”

It became evident early on that the Trident was short man power. Carrying more vipers than the ship was intended it’s small maintenance station is overcrowded. All in all the ship was currently carrying 24 vipers, giving it one squadron more than normally available. The problem is since the craft was being used to ferry Viper twos from Poseidon. They did not have the normal complement of fighter jockeys.

As a matter of fact Karl Valerii and the Jarris triplets made up the entire force of fighter pilots. Where could they get more? One idea brought up was a private run academy called Colonial Camp. This academy or camp was open to any children who’s parents could afford it. Many considered this a nice 3 month vacation from their kids. Others considered it a good primer for life in the Colonial navy.

The children there were taught all facets of life in the colonial navy from a group taking turns to command a Battlestar (The Battlestar did not actually fly) to flying simulators of Vipers. Advanced students could even take actual vipers out under the supervision of the trainers.

The four academy trainers were all ex navy pilots. It was doubtful that the Cylons had attacked it’s remote location since it was no real threat at the moment. Course was set and an FTL jump was made. True to thinking the academy had not yet been found. When the trident arrived some of it’s more advanced students were flying vipers on a target run mission. Which was fortunate because right after the Trident jumped into the system, two Cylon Raiders also appeared. The Academy trainers took over and led their squad of younglings out to destroy the two raiders, unfortunately one jumped away.

With limited time left on their hands the Trident docked with the immobile Battlestar, briefed the commandant on the situation and started evacuating the students. Kenner noticed that the academy did in fact have 1 squadron of 8 Viper VII’s and despite their being affected by the Cylon virus he figured he could modify them, so 8 Viper II’s were off loaded from Trident and the 8 Viper VII’s added in their place. Kenner also made friends with the woman in charge of maintenance for the fighters Kamala Brice, as well as a young girl helping with maintenance.

Just as they were finishing up the transfer of fighters and personnel, a Cylon task force entered the system and the Trident beat a hasty retreat.

"Stranded" Episode 105

“Their enemies will divide them. Their colonies broken in the fiery chasm of space. Their shining days renounced by a multitude of dark sacrifices. Yet, still they will remain, Always together.”

After jumping out of the system the crew decided it was time to head to Maytoria. This small colony of Sagittarian’s could have provisions to help the small fleet. Thoughts were again that it was so small it had probably not yet been attacked. Population of this planet hovered at around 10,000 or so people.

During the trip their Trina a young 8 year old girl had befriended Jamal Kenner, and had become his assistant, mainly meaning he let her hold a clip board. Meanwhile newly promoted Karl Valerii had his hands full as the ships CAG. He had 24 fighters, 3 full squadrons and only 8 total adult pilots. It was decided for security sake that the 8 oldest teenagers, would be elevated to full time pilots while the rest would continue training. Each teenager became wing man for an adult. Karl got Brett Rymer a precocious 17 year old teenager with raging hormones. Although Karl had to admit when he wasn’t hitting on the females he was a decent pilot.

On this frightful morning, Kenner was called up to CIC to check on a glitch, as he was leaving suddenly their was an explosion in the landing bay. Jamal watched hopelessly as the emergency hatch locked tight and his assistant, the young Trina along with several techs were sucked into space. Jamal was overcome with grief for the little girl, which turned to rage when he learned the explosion was the direct result of sabotage. After a memorial service for the lost, repairs began on the ship as well as an investigation to who had caused the explosion. Since the ship was stranded until the damage was repaired. It was decided to send a lone raptor on to Maytoria to do recon. Valerii and his wing man Rymer got the duty.

An exhausted Kenner returned to his bunk after a long day of rest and noticed something strange. Underneath his mattress were explosives and detonators. Obviously someone was trying to frame him, he quickly got rid of the evidence, and decided to keep the information to himself.

While repair crews attempted to repair the sabotage done to the Trident, Karl Valerii along with Brett Rymer and Kristen Jonas took out the raptor and made a series of jumps towards the Maytoria system. Being strictly Viper pilots neither Valerii or Rymer were all that proficient with FTL jumps, so Jonas was brought along to plot the courses. They arrived at the outskirts of the system and quickly noticed that the Cylons had indeed been here already. Strangely there was no sign of capital ships, just a couple squadrons of Raiders patrolling the area. Apparently the Cylons were inhabiting the area.

Back on Trident while repairs continued the Trident comm officer picked up a weak transmission broadcasting SOS. The information was given to the Colonel and she decided as soon as the ship was repaired they would check it out.

Valerii took the raptor back to the fleet after gaining as much information as he could.

"Rescue" Episode 106

“The gods shall lift those who lift each other.”

With the Trident hull patched and the ship able to make an FTL jump. The coordinates for the SOS are determined to be within a single jump of the Tridents FTL range. A course is plotted an executed bringing the Trident close to the area of the FTL. Karl Valerii, Jamal Kenner, Kristen Jonas and some Colonial marines board a raptor and jump further in to investigate. With Ensign Jonas at the helm they make the jump and discover a fleet of ships sitting in space. Many of them seem to be missing vital parts of their ship. They choose one of the ships and dock.

The group is met by hostile civilians thinking these Colonial military scum had returned to strip even more off of their ships. After some persuasions by Kenner and Valerii they are able to calm the people down and they tell their sad story of how Admiral Helena Cain’s task force had come upon them. Started stripping their ships of vital parts and took any survivors with needed skills. This was done by force and several survivors were shot in the process. Then they were just left out here to die.

These ships had been stripped of their FTLs and were practically useless. Kenner devised a means to use cargo pods from their colonial mover for life support and these pods were added to their own ships. Thereby allowing them to take these survivors with them. Unfortunately the quarters were cramp, but it is the best they could do with most of their ships already over flowing with survivors.

After the survivors were rescued, colonel Natalie Frost announced that needed more information on Maytoria before preceding in. She put Valerii and Kenner in charge of this information gathering and a plan was hatched to take the Cylon turkey they had for Olymp station, and try to land on the planet Maytoria with it to scout. Ensign Jones once again would fly the ship and to plot the FTL jumps.

"Maytoria Part I" Episode 107

“The Cylons have returned and now they look like us, and they have a plan”

Months ago before the Cylon attack
Dr. Sophia Winslow arrives on the planet Maytoria. She was brought here as a volunteer. Apparently Maytoria is being attacked by a strange disease that only affects Women of child bearing age. She meets with Dr. Xavier who has developed a vaccine and another of the volunteers Priestess Mildred Veil, an elderly member of the priesthood. Priestess Veil is somewhat of an expert of the scrolls and has many talks with Sophia about their meanings. Our audience instantly recognizes that Doctor Xavier looks identical to Dr. Deacon Mallard serving onboard the Trident. Of course Sophia has not yet met Dr. Mallard.

The strange disease is apparently causing genetic alterations to the human genome. Xavier announces his vaccine is the answer.

Cylon Assault
When the Cylons finally come instead of bombarding the planet as in the main colonies they land Turkey’s which in turn release scores of Cylon Centurions. What little defenses Maytoria has is quickly overcome. The citizens of Maytoria are rounded up and forced to stay in essentially internment camps. Dr. Winslow notices Dr. Xavier cooperating with and in some cases giving orders to the Centurions. When she investigates she finds the real reason of the Virus. Dr. Xavier was attempting to manipulate the human Genome to make it easier to mate with Cylons. And that he himself is actually a Cylon. Winslow is given two choices at this point, assist him or let the women suffer. She chooses to assist keeping with her Hippocratic Oath.

If was not long after this that Dr. Winslow heard a commotion, a young girl crying and holding on to her mother as the mother was being dragged by a group of Centurions. They dragged the woman to a wall and the Centurions began raising their weapons towards the adult and child. Dr. Winslow raced to intercept yelling out for the Centurions to halt. Surprisingly they did. She grabbed the young child Athena, whose mother asked her to take care of her. And try as she might she could not save the woman. Dr. Winslow carried the girl to safety telling her not to look back as the Centurions executed her. Priestess Veil took one look at the child and told Winslow to protect her with her life as the girl was special.

Back to the present
Captain Karl Valerii, Chief Petty Officer Jamal Kenner, and [[:Ensign kristen-jonas | Kristen Jonas]] boarded the Cylon Turkey and after a bit of time figuring out the FTL computer Jonas calculated and made the jump to Maytoria. Upon Arrival the Raiders were still flying patrols around the system with a Heavy Raider spotted as well. Jonas Casually flew the Turkey towards the planet and were not challenged. They landed near the colony ships that were still parked on the ground from when the first people arrived on this planet. Having an angle to the capital town they could see the interment camps as they were set up. Dr. Winslow 2was outside having lunch with Athena and the Priestess when she noticed that this Turkey did not park where the others did. She grew curious, and along with Athena set out to investigate. The crew saw her coming and ushered them inside as soon as they got close enough. Winslow filled them in on the Cylons activities and any defenses they had erected.

Kenner took some time to see if the Colony ships were space worthy and decided with a little work that they would fly again. After getting all the information that they could they told Winslow they would return soon to rescue to the colonists. Winslow returned with being noticed and the Turkey took off and jumped back for the Trident.

"Maytoria, Part II" Episode 108

“The Child of Zeus shall lead the lost to the home of the gods and their she will lead a great victory with help of Poseidon’s Arms bearers”

Returning to the ship a plan is hatched to free the people of Maytoria. Ensign Kristen Jonas will take the Turkey back to Maytoria with the complement of Marines on board. They will engage the Centurions on the ground and start rescuing the prisoners. Once they have made it to landfall, the Trident will jump into the upper atmosphere of Maytoria, Launch one fighter squadron led by Captain Karl Valerii, to attack the heavier ground units, then FTL back out of the atmosphere launching the 2nd squadron to deal with the Cylon Raiders with the Trident in close support.

The plan works well for once. The Cylons are caught totally by surprise. The Trident jumps in launches the vipers which begins attacking the ground defense installations, jumps out and launches the 2nd wave of Vipers. Casualties are minimal in the air unfortunately a few Raiders were able to jump out. On the ground the Marines hit the Cylons hard and have the added benefit of the Air cover. The battle is relatively short. Capatin valerii and Ensign Brett “Weiner” Rymer Land their Vipers to assist on the ground. Along the way they make a startling discovery. A Doctor running experiments on the planet looks exactly like Dr. Deacon Mallard, they have discovered their first human looking Cylon.

With time not on their side, Kenner lands and begins prepping the old colony ships to lift off the colonists again. He does take time to try his hand at interrogating the prisoner, but that comes to an end as Captain Valerii shoots the prisoner in the face while he was taunting Valerii and Kenner.

Some Rodents had made their homes on the Colony ships and had to be smoked out before work could continue. By the time the ships were declared fight ready the Cylons had returned. A mad rush to get all the survivors and launch the vessels again. Ensign Jonas was called in to plot jump coordinates. As the ships jump the one Jonas is now piloting does not. with a little more coaxing from Kenner they finally get the green light and jump just as the Cylon missiles are vectoring in.

"Return to Sagittaron" Episode 109

“The Child of Zeus shall lead Poseidon’s Armsbearers to a great treasure held in her father’s outstretched hands”

Dr. Winslow Sophia Winslow wakes up to see Athena Sitting on some strange mans lap in their room. Winslow immediately orders Athena to get away from that man. Which Athena obeys and comes over to sit on the bed with Dr. Winslow. The man claims he is the messenger from the gods. And that he has a warning that if Dr. Winslow cannot protect the child better the Lords will take her away. After delivering his message Sophia orders the man out of her room. Only to wake up latter and realize it was all a dream.

Meanwhile, while Sophia is being visited by Hermes, Kenner is getting some much needed rack time when a voice tells him to wake up. He keeps sleeping then suddenly his thumb is twisted causing him to roll off his bunk, luckily for him he rolls off his bunk just before an assailant planted knives in his chest. Kenner manages to grab is trusty wrench and battle ensues. Luckily for Kenner he wins defeating the bearded madman that attacked him. Standing there and congratulating him is the young girl which died on the hanger deck. Kenner who was not a believer in the Lords, starts having doubts in his disbelief.

Elsewhere Captain Valerii wakes up coughing with blood coming from his nose and mouth. He quickly hits the officers head and wipes away the evidence before anyone spots him.

Later that day Dr. Winslow finds several new drawings from Athena. One depicts a statue of Zeus with outstretched hands and some type of Orb in his hand. Another appears to be stars drawn in a sequence that suggests they are musical notes. Dr. Winslow takes the drawing of Zeus to Priestess Veil who recognizes the ball like sphere as The Orb of Zeus. Her last recollection of the Orb was that it was in a museum on Sagittaron.

She takes the drawings to Valerii and Kenner and after a bit of studying Kenner thinks the Drawing of the Stars could be some type of code, perhaps even FTL coordinates. Ensign Jonas is called in and eventually she confirms that these seem to be FTL coordinate for several jumps that would eventually jump a ship very close into the Sagittaron atmosphere from the fleets present location.

The information is taken to Colonel Frost who decides this Orb could be very valuable and sets the group tot he task of going to Sagittaron and recovering it. Dr. Winslow remembering her encounter with the messenger of the Gods, decides that even though the journey could be dangerous she is not leaving Athena behind.

With Karl manning the pilot station, Jonas operating FTL, and Sophia and Athena comfortably seated in the back, they are ready to take the Turkey out again. Athena wants to watch the jump never seeing one in a small craft before, she is quite excited about the whole thing.

After several jumps they jump into the system, noticing almost immediately that the Cylon presence is not quite as heavy. Karl deftly guides the ship in to a remote landing spot. Kristen is left behind in case they need a quick extraction, and the rest of the party disembarks for the walk to the Museum. Traveling thru the wooded areas, they spot lights ahead at one point and discover Cylon Centurions using bulldozers to dig a whole and then dump trucks brought in to dump human bodies. Sophia makes sure Athena doesn’t see this.

The make their way into the capital and approach the museum with as much stealth as they could. Arriving at the museum the party spies several human looking cylons being guarded by Centurions. Unfortunately they have their backs to the party so they can’t get a good look at them. One a tall blonde starts to turn towards them. But unfortunately any chance of seeing her vanishes when an explosion from a rocket launcher goes off. Killing the human models instantly. A firefight evolves between unknown assailants and the remaining centurions. Kenner and the party use this distraction to sneak into the museum.


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