Battlestar Olympia

Welcome to the Battlestar Olympia campaign!
Campaign Notes

Campaign Note: I knew from the beginning I wanted the characters to start out on a small ship and eventually be led to finding a hidden Battlestar. So when I was looking for info on Savage Heroes for running a Savage Battlestar Galactica campaign, I was midly surprised when I found the Battlestar Galactica Campaign. I found out later on one of my characters wouldn’t be available for a couple weeks, (She’s a doctor), but the other players wanted to go on. So I decided to use the first part of the BSG Campaign write up as a fill in until the whole group got together. And the Doctor would be found on Maytoria once she had returned to the group.

Many Things were taken from that campaign write-up and many things changed. I wanted the Lords of Kobol to play a part as you ill see they do. I liked the “Angels” from the re-imagined series so they also made an appearance. About the only thing that won’t make an appearance is the original Cylons (or will they?) from the series. I made my own. And described several NPCs that could be the original 12, just for a bit of suspense..


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