Battlestar Olympia

"Delving Into Darkness" Episode 203

The Book of Kobold Chapter 1, Verse 1

“Hark children of Kobol and hear the words of the Lords of your homeland for while thou may travel far and wide across the great black oceans to places unknown and unseen, the Lords of Kobol will travel with thee and watch over thee with their all seeing eyes and the wisdom of the ages.”

This Week Athena is still suffering the ill effects of what happened and Dr. Winslow is taking care of the child.
That gives Stabo, Kenner, and Valerii a chance to investigate further. We being with Strabo checking over the flight deck for more clues. starting near where the missile rack was he begins to search out. He finds cloth that Alvarez used to tie her hair with near one of the walls. Using his black light he finds a few traces of blood, some drippings on the floor leading to a hatch. Searching the hatch he finds it takes you directly to the arsenal where both the conventional missiles for the fighters and the nuclear warheads for the ship are kept. Kenner is called in and he believes that the locking mechanism may have been tampered with, At this point they call the Colonel who sends Captain Valerii and the Master Chief to investigate further. After opening the arsenal doors, A quick investigation notes nothing out of place until Kenner notices a couple of the screws that secure the plate on a nuclear warhead seem loose. The Master Chief tells Kenner how to open the plate and they discover the Core is missing.

The Master Chief offers her resignation immediately, but is talked out of it. Then Lt Rymer comes along and says there is a broadcast they should listen to. It shows Hestia giving an interview. She appears to be strained. The interviewer makes certain allegations that Strabo was working for Cylons and a few other references such as being able to see the stars, Strabo thinks he recognizes the voice and identifies it as Chance Dormer, the agent for the Colonial Intelligence he met on Canceron that was trying to kill Commander Hartmann.

"Campaigns, Schemes and Murder in the Eye" Episode 202

“As faith wans, look for a sign from the Child, of the might of the Lords, thus will be revealed the sign of the true fight for humanity. In the battle between Demons, Giants and ordinary men one will prove victorious over the others. And determine the fate of mankind. While this battle rages the chosen mother will receive a vision of her destiny.”

.The Scene opens with Timon Strabo in his VIP quarters aboard the Trident., He awakens to see his assistant Hailey Vance standing in his room. How could she be hear since he was told she died on Canceron. Hailey tells him he looks good in his blue suit. (GM’s Note: This turns out to be a big part of the story because we use Savage Worlds with the Adventure deck, unbeknownst to me at the time, Strabo’s player drew the Sharp Dressed card giving him a +4 to his charisma.) Strabo questions how she could be here, and she answers I’ll tell you later something is about to happen on the landing deck and he doesn’t want to miss it. Strabo refuses to go without answers but eventually relinquishes.

On the Landing deck as Strabo enters. Chief Petty Officer Kenner is informed that deckhand 2nd class Alvarez has not reported for duty this morning and was not in her rack when the deckhand reporting woke up. Kenner knows Alvarez is not usually late for her assignments. She was assigned to check the Cinches on the missile racks last night, as they prepare to move the ordinance to the Olympia. She was reported as being working late. Another deckhand approaches with a fusion power supply telling Kenner it’s shot, Kenner orders it stripped of all valuable pieces for parts.

At this point Strabo sees young Athena enter the landing deck and walk up to Kenner. Kenner finds that strange as she usually doesn’t come down to the flight deck, especially without Dr. Winslow. At that very moment one of the techs moving the missile racks screams bomb.

Strabo finds himself stuck in place and unable to move. Kenner reacts he looks for somewhere to grab Athena and take her through a door or behind some protection. As he reaches up to grab the eight year old, she reaches her had up to his chest and shoves, suddenly Jamal Kenner is being thrown through the air by an 8 year old. Kenner slams into the wall and is shaken up from the impact. He sees Athena put one hand on the nonworking fusion power supply, and raises her other hand just as the explosion goes off. The explosion engulfs the missile rack it was attached to, (These are missiles for the fighters) and they go up as well.

Just as this is happening Strabo starts speaking in an other worldly voice:


“Under the watchful eye of my Brother, so shall the child unleash the power of the Lords. Although stricken from effort she shall so be anointed Daughter of Zeus, Athena Lord of Kobol Reborn.”

“This shall be a sign, that the chosen shall soon see their paths. Guard the child well for her enemies whether they be Titans, Demons, or He who should not be named shall know of her awakening. Terrible would be my wrath if my favored child’s blood is spilled a second time.”

With Athena’s outstretched hand, the explosion expands to a point and then stops as if being contained in a bubble. The bubble expands at points like it is going to break free, then solidifies again, this goes on for what seems like an eternity then the explosion begins to recede until finally it is gone. Other than the fact a rack of missiles is gone, there is no evidence and explosion ever took place. No one is hurt.

Athena first turns and smiles at Kenner then her smile changes to a more serious expression as she places her hand up to her nose. Blood starts trickling down her nose, she frowns and collapses to the floor. Kamala Rushes towards her and proclaims she is not breathing. Kenner rushes to her as well. He can not detect a pulse and yells out for someone to get medical. Strabo being near communications calls to the med bay and Dr. Winslow answers. She is shocked when informed Athena is hurt as she looks where she had been sitting in the corner. She rushes to the med bay. Strabo then goes over to the stricken child lifts her up and gives a prayer to Hephaestus to help the child. Dr. Mallard was a little closer than Sophia and arrives on the scene. He gets Strabo to put her down on a table and pronounces that she is breathing. Dr. Winslow arrives and Mallard moves out the way. She checks her over and orders her to be taken to the Med bay immediately. Mallard says Athena appears to be in a coma. Dr. Winslow prefers to call it a deep trance.

Strabo carries the girl to sick back and bends down and places her in a bed. Suddenly he stops moving for a brief moment he appears to be frozen in time, (Strabo has a vision), when he releases from his vision he is disoriented and needs Dr. Winslow’s help to get in a chair. As Winslow is examining Athena She suddenly falls on top of the girl unmoving (She has a vision), when she comes around a moment later, Strabo helps her up.

Captain Valerii goes to check on CIC wonders what the heck is going on when the alarm goes off. He is told it is coming from the Landing Bay and that someone has been injured. He heads to the Landing bay and sees Kenner, where he is informed of what happened, and that Athena ws apparently the only injury. He is also informed of the missing tech. Kenner calls Sergeant Wilcotts and Valerii gives her orders to find the missing tech. Kenner suggests she could be hiding somewhere ont he ship. The two of them head up to the med Bay.

When they arrive for a report, Valerii cannot help but notice a few strands of Athena’s hair is out of place so he uses his hand to adjust them. A moment later he is on his knees waking up from his vision, with blood trickling down his nose. Strabo helps him into a chair. While the four are there. they hear a voice from behind, say. “What is going on, on my ship?” they turn to see Colonel Frost standing there, Bandages still covering her mid section. She’s welcomed back and informed of the situation. The Colonel gives Valerri orders to find this missing tech, she then brushes Athena’s hair with her hand and exits.

Kenner starts to leave to help with finding the tech, but his small angel tells him it is his turn. He turns goes to Athena and touches her and much like the rest he collapses and is still, however Strabo is prepared this time and eases Kenner into a chair when he collapses. Kenner has his vision. Valerii leaves after being notified by the Master Chief that they may have found the missing tech. In the hallway he is confronted by a Blue haired woman wearing large sunglasses to conceal her identity. She identifies herself as Hestia, reporter for the Colonial News Agency. Her Cameraman is in tow. She asks Valerii to comment on what is going on. He of course refuses. There is something about her though that seems familiar to Valerii. Valerii is met by Lt. Vaughn Gunn who also refuses to talk to the reporter. They try to follow the two until Strabo intercepts them and offers to take them over to the Quiet Meadow and explain the system used for nitrate recovery. Not the news Hestia wanted to learn, but she begins following. along.

Kenner catches up with the group looking at some duct work, with the MC saying that they think Alvarez is in there. Kenner removes the section of the duct work, and blood spills out. They take the ducting back to Med Bay, there is no morgue on the Trident. Another tech is ordered to bring some snips. Inside is Alvarez. Her throat has apparently been slit by something very sharp like a surgical instrument, and she is also missing her index finger on her right hand. Dr. Mallard closes a curtain around Athena while the rest investigate. Strabo is ordered to return to the ship as someone voices he may be involved.

Dr. Winslow does an autopsy, she is not a forensic doctor, but she determines Alvarez died sometime late last night, and that her throat had been slit with something very sharp. She also says there is not enough blood to suggest she was killed and immediately placed in the ducting. Strabo returns and notices some bruising around the neck consistent with a Garrote, but the Garrote is obviously not the weapon used to cut poor Alvarez’s throat. But could have been used to remove the finger post mortem. Kenner notices that Alvarez’s tool belt has a fresh unopened supply of cable ties. Strange that she would have a full unopened pack and no extras. The ties are different colors and they use them for many purposes. One of which being attaching them to the missiles to mark them as secure.

Strabo the Master Chief, and Kenner return to the landing bay and notice the floor to the storage room has been recently mopped. Strabo asks for a black light, and Kenner with his skills quickly fashions one for him.
There are samples of blood found, and some zip ties are curiously found on a couple of the racks.

The Credits roll with the investigation in full swing.

"The Election Trail" Episode 201

“I looked deeply into the child’s eyes and what I saw shook my very soul.” Father Quinto Torran Augerer of the church of Hephaestus.

The night begins off with Broken Timon Strabo now being called Henry, on the Agro ship Quiet Meadows. He is visited by his old friend Quinto Torran who tries to convince him to help in stopping Brother Jedidiah from becoming the next leader of the Lost. He wants Strabo to run for office, but Henry will have nothing to do with him as he puts on his Bio Suit and goes in for another shift of nitrate collection. Telling the father not to bother him again.

After talking with Dr. Deacon Mallard about the fact he believes he is a Cylon, Kenner reveals the facts about the explosives he found under his bed in season one. Mallard asks Kenner if he tried using forensics to get prints off the explosives. Kenner realizes he may have acted hastily when he put the explosives back. He returns to the armor voicing his suspicions about the explosives to Sergeant April Wilcotts the master Chief. Unfortunately Kenner learns the explosives have been stolen again. Kenner was ready to turn himself over if no other prints were found but his.

Torran is undaunted and seeks out Dr. Sophia Winslow to ask permission to speak with Athena. Winslow informs Torran that Athena is not available at the moment and asks why. She then finds out about Strabo. She tells Torran to make sure Strabo has to come over tot he Trident for a checkup. Father Torran arranges the orders but Strabo refuses to come.

Captain Karl Valerii and CPO Jamal Kenner here about Strabo and they decide to order him over to help with a sanitation problem. This time two Marines are sent. Strabo looses it and beats both Marines unconscious and goes berserk beating up several more crewman on the _Quiet Meadows.

Strabo then locks himself in the reclamation area refusing to come out. Valerie, Kenner, and Doctor Winslow are called over by Lt. Vaughn Gunn to try and extricate Strabo. After an interchange between them all, Strabo agrees to come out and talk. That’s when an unknown man shows up, reveals he is strapped with explosives, he presses the trigger and nothing happens. Frantically he grabs at his suit attempting to manually make it explode, while the heroes attempt to beat him down. Kenner pulls out his trusty wire cutters from his tool belt and defuses the bomb in the middle of the combat. The Assailant is finally down and taken into custody. That’s when Kenner realizes these are the very same explosives he was looking for. The Master Chief is called in to investigate.

Strabo eventually agrees to help take down Brother Jedidiah before going back to his work. There was a tearful moment when Strabo finally realizes it was his assistant Hailey Vance that drugged him and put him on the ship. Strabo is taken to the Trident where he gets cleaned up with new clothes, as they finally arrive at the Eye of Poseidon and go over to the Olympia. There they see Athena has been busy painting a mural outside of the Medical Bay. The Mural depicts what looks like a small town out of the 1960’s, one of the houses has a white picket fence around it and the mailbox has The Winslow’s painted on the side. Inside they see Athena who acts as though she doesn’t even notice them at first before she finally breaks and runs into Dr. Winslow’s arms who picks her up and twirls her around.

Some astute characters notice that while Athena was sitting on this modern medical bed that gives out simple readings of heart beat, blood pressure, pules, and temperature that while Athena was playing it cool all of the readings were 0. When she finally broke they showed her actual vitals right before she jumped off the bed.

The Credits roll.

A View from Prommos Episode 200

“From the city of Sin shall come a man that is born to lead but crippled by his self doubts. The Poseidon’s Armsbearers will deliver him unto the child and she will remake him. Thus shall the path of the lost be set.”

About 1 year before the destruction.

Mayor Timmon Strabo listened as his aide rattled off the upcoming events. Hailey Vance. Sir we have quite a security situation here, we have the new Hermes Grande Hotel and Casino Grande opening this weekend, and to celebrate that Tomorrow afternoon we have a game between the Canceron Hydras and the Hades Vice. And top it all off is the concert being held by Nebula Muse at the open amphitheater. It’s just going to be a security nightmare. Oh and you are up 6 points in the poll. Strabo took this all in stride made a few calls. Made sure the police chief had security in hand and then called it a day.

The next morning he gets a call at 10am telling him he needs to come tot he office that there is some guy from Colonial Intelligence here with a big security problem. Once Strabo gets to the Office. He is briefed by a capricanwho introduces himself as Chance Dormer. Dormer informs Strabo that a Rogue Commander formerly in charge of the Battlestar Mars, has slipped into Canceron almost undetected. Except for his agency of course.

The Majority of Commander Hartmanns crew has been apprehended but he travels with a highly trained unit and could be here to make some type of terror attack.

Strabbo doesn’t fully trust Hartmann whom he send off with the police chief and orders the chief to keep the guy busy while he checks things out himself. That’s when a deranged woman shows up and Tells Strabo that there is going to be a bomb set off in his city and that she knows this because her 6 year old daughter drew it. Strabo is about to have the lady committed when he notices the drawing of Commander Hartmann apparently shot and killed. He asks more questions and finds out from his aide that this woman has a history of these absurd predictions based on her Daughters drawings, one of which shoes strange craft in the atmosphere at his inaugural party.

Strabo asks to speak with the girl, her mother agrees to let him talk to her but states she doesn’t talk much. She then proceeds to tell Strabo that when she got pregnant with her daughter that she had never been with a man. And she claims it was her daughter who told her what her name would be. Eventually Strabo gets to talk to the girl named Athena, and starts believing her drawings. He aks for the Augerer to come talk with the girl. He then sets out to contact Hartmann.

Commander Hartmann tells Strabo that human agents working for the Cylons are trying to destabilize parts of the Colonies and he is trying to stop it, tough enough by itself even tougher with Colonial Intel breathing down his neck. Eventually Hartmann figures out where the bomb is located (The Scoreboard of the new arena and it’s going to go off when the Canceron Hydra score their 5th point.) with the help of Strabo Commander Hartmann is able to defuse the bomb, and the bomb squad takes the micro nuke away. Strabo’s forces engaged the enemy at one point and defeated them.

With the help of Mr. Luigi Grosu, from Strabo allows Hartmann and his men to disappear and elude the Colonial Intel officers.

Strabo gets to meet Nebular Muse, and get some autographed photos. Looking back at the drawing done by Athena he now realizes he has 1 year to prepare before something really bad is going to happen to Canceron.

The Augerer tells Strabo that he is not sure what the girl is but she is no Augerer and his faith seems to have been shaken a bit. Kelly Kalypso informs Strabo that her daughter and her are going to relocate to Maytoria which she thinks may be much safer for raising her daughter.

Strabo begins to prepare for what is to come. just about bankrupting himself and his city. He convinces some people to move to this new Colony of Maytoria, and others he hopes to rescue any way he can. Reactivating old fall out shelters, hording supplies etc.

But it will never be enough. A year later the Cylons come.

"Mutiny on the Trident" Episode 113

“A false leader will claim the lost and Poseidon’s Armsbearers shall return with much bloodshed to defeat this leader”

"The Home of the Gods" Episode 112

“The mists of time shall part to reveal salvation where the lost will find a new beginning, and that which will help guide their travels to the True home of the gods. There shall be found the terrible power of the Titans a power that can only be controlled by the scepter of the gods in the hands of the true lord.”

"The Mute" Episode 111

“Sleeping in a cradle amongst the barren stars shall be the Mute. She who’s voice shall be louder than a thousand exploding stars. The mute will mark the way to salvation. Within salvation shall the lost find the means of survival. But one shall only find her if traveling to the planet of the Gods with the Child and the Chosen.”

"Athena Kidnapped" Episode 110

“The children of the one, shall rise up against their false gods, their creators. Their retribution will be swift and deadly with cities burning. Of the survivors only one of the Lost shall carry the seed of salvation. She shall be marked when one will come upon her claimed as a child of the gods. This will be a sign that the One who shall not be named, imprisoned by his peers, shall return, and it is she who will give her who is marked the seed of salvation, and begin the purge of the created.”

"Return to Sagittaron" Episode 109

“The Child of Zeus shall lead Poseidon’s Armsbearers to a great treasure held in her father’s outstretched hands”

Dr. Winslow Sophia Winslow wakes up to see Athena Sitting on some strange mans lap in their room. Winslow immediately orders Athena to get away from that man. Which Athena obeys and comes over to sit on the bed with Dr. Winslow. The man claims he is the messenger from the gods. And that he has a warning that if Dr. Winslow cannot protect the child better the Lords will take her away. After delivering his message Sophia orders the man out of her room. Only to wake up latter and realize it was all a dream.

Meanwhile, while Sophia is being visited by Hermes, Kenner is getting some much needed rack time when a voice tells him to wake up. He keeps sleeping then suddenly his thumb is twisted causing him to roll off his bunk, luckily for him he rolls off his bunk just before an assailant planted knives in his chest. Kenner manages to grab is trusty wrench and battle ensues. Luckily for Kenner he wins defeating the bearded madman that attacked him. Standing there and congratulating him is the young girl which died on the hanger deck. Kenner who was not a believer in the Lords, starts having doubts in his disbelief.

Elsewhere Captain Valerii wakes up coughing with blood coming from his nose and mouth. He quickly hits the officers head and wipes away the evidence before anyone spots him.

Later that day Dr. Winslow finds several new drawings from Athena. One depicts a statue of Zeus with outstretched hands and some type of Orb in his hand. Another appears to be stars drawn in a sequence that suggests they are musical notes. Dr. Winslow takes the drawing of Zeus to Priestess Veil who recognizes the ball like sphere as The Orb of Zeus. Her last recollection of the Orb was that it was in a museum on Sagittaron.

She takes the drawings to Valerii and Kenner and after a bit of studying Kenner thinks the Drawing of the Stars could be some type of code, perhaps even FTL coordinates. Ensign Jonas is called in and eventually she confirms that these seem to be FTL coordinate for several jumps that would eventually jump a ship very close into the Sagittaron atmosphere from the fleets present location.

The information is taken to Colonel Frost who decides this Orb could be very valuable and sets the group tot he task of going to Sagittaron and recovering it. Dr. Winslow remembering her encounter with the messenger of the Gods, decides that even though the journey could be dangerous she is not leaving Athena behind.

With Karl manning the pilot station, Jonas operating FTL, and Sophia and Athena comfortably seated in the back, they are ready to take the Turkey out again. Athena wants to watch the jump never seeing one in a small craft before, she is quite excited about the whole thing.

After several jumps they jump into the system, noticing almost immediately that the Cylon presence is not quite as heavy. Karl deftly guides the ship in to a remote landing spot. Kristen is left behind in case they need a quick extraction, and the rest of the party disembarks for the walk to the Museum. Traveling thru the wooded areas, they spot lights ahead at one point and discover Cylon Centurions using bulldozers to dig a whole and then dump trucks brought in to dump human bodies. Sophia makes sure Athena doesn’t see this.

The make their way into the capital and approach the museum with as much stealth as they could. Arriving at the museum the party spies several human looking cylons being guarded by Centurions. Unfortunately they have their backs to the party so they can’t get a good look at them. One a tall blonde starts to turn towards them. But unfortunately any chance of seeing her vanishes when an explosion from a rocket launcher goes off. Killing the human models instantly. A firefight evolves between unknown assailants and the remaining centurions. Kenner and the party use this distraction to sneak into the museum.

"Maytoria, Part II" Episode 108

“The Child of Zeus shall lead the lost to the home of the gods and their she will lead a great victory with help of Poseidon’s Arms bearers”

Returning to the ship a plan is hatched to free the people of Maytoria. Ensign Kristen Jonas will take the Turkey back to Maytoria with the complement of Marines on board. They will engage the Centurions on the ground and start rescuing the prisoners. Once they have made it to landfall, the Trident will jump into the upper atmosphere of Maytoria, Launch one fighter squadron led by Captain Karl Valerii, to attack the heavier ground units, then FTL back out of the atmosphere launching the 2nd squadron to deal with the Cylon Raiders with the Trident in close support.

The plan works well for once. The Cylons are caught totally by surprise. The Trident jumps in launches the vipers which begins attacking the ground defense installations, jumps out and launches the 2nd wave of Vipers. Casualties are minimal in the air unfortunately a few Raiders were able to jump out. On the ground the Marines hit the Cylons hard and have the added benefit of the Air cover. The battle is relatively short. Capatin valerii and Ensign Brett “Weiner” Rymer Land their Vipers to assist on the ground. Along the way they make a startling discovery. A Doctor running experiments on the planet looks exactly like Dr. Deacon Mallard, they have discovered their first human looking Cylon.

With time not on their side, Kenner lands and begins prepping the old colony ships to lift off the colonists again. He does take time to try his hand at interrogating the prisoner, but that comes to an end as Captain Valerii shoots the prisoner in the face while he was taunting Valerii and Kenner.

Some Rodents had made their homes on the Colony ships and had to be smoked out before work could continue. By the time the ships were declared fight ready the Cylons had returned. A mad rush to get all the survivors and launch the vessels again. Ensign Jonas was called in to plot jump coordinates. As the ships jump the one Jonas is now piloting does not. with a little more coaxing from Kenner they finally get the green light and jump just as the Cylon missiles are vectoring in.


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