Battlestar Olympia

"The Election Trail" Episode 201

“I looked deeply into the child’s eyes and what I saw shook my very soul.” Father Quinto Torran Augerer of the church of Hephaestus.

The night begins off with Broken Timon Strabo now being called Henry, on the Agro ship Quiet Meadows. He is visited by his old friend Quinto Torran who tries to convince him to help in stopping Brother Jedidiah from becoming the next leader of the Lost. He wants Strabo to run for office, but Henry will have nothing to do with him as he puts on his Bio Suit and goes in for another shift of nitrate collection. Telling the father not to bother him again.

After talking with Dr. Deacon Mallard about the fact he believes he is a Cylon, Kenner reveals the facts about the explosives he found under his bed in season one. Mallard asks Kenner if he tried using forensics to get prints off the explosives. Kenner realizes he may have acted hastily when he put the explosives back. He returns to the armor voicing his suspicions about the explosives to Sergeant April Wilcotts the master Chief. Unfortunately Kenner learns the explosives have been stolen again. Kenner was ready to turn himself over if no other prints were found but his.

Torran is undaunted and seeks out Dr. Sophia Winslow to ask permission to speak with Athena. Winslow informs Torran that Athena is not available at the moment and asks why. She then finds out about Strabo. She tells Torran to make sure Strabo has to come over tot he Trident for a checkup. Father Torran arranges the orders but Strabo refuses to come.

Captain Karl Valerii and CPO Jamal Kenner here about Strabo and they decide to order him over to help with a sanitation problem. This time two Marines are sent. Strabo looses it and beats both Marines unconscious and goes berserk beating up several more crewman on the _Quiet Meadows.

Strabo then locks himself in the reclamation area refusing to come out. Valerie, Kenner, and Doctor Winslow are called over by Lt. Vaughn Gunn to try and extricate Strabo. After an interchange between them all, Strabo agrees to come out and talk. That’s when an unknown man shows up, reveals he is strapped with explosives, he presses the trigger and nothing happens. Frantically he grabs at his suit attempting to manually make it explode, while the heroes attempt to beat him down. Kenner pulls out his trusty wire cutters from his tool belt and defuses the bomb in the middle of the combat. The Assailant is finally down and taken into custody. That’s when Kenner realizes these are the very same explosives he was looking for. The Master Chief is called in to investigate.

Strabo eventually agrees to help take down Brother Jedidiah before going back to his work. There was a tearful moment when Strabo finally realizes it was his assistant Hailey Vance that drugged him and put him on the ship. Strabo is taken to the Trident where he gets cleaned up with new clothes, as they finally arrive at the Eye of Poseidon and go over to the Olympia. There they see Athena has been busy painting a mural outside of the Medical Bay. The Mural depicts what looks like a small town out of the 1960’s, one of the houses has a white picket fence around it and the mailbox has The Winslow’s painted on the side. Inside they see Athena who acts as though she doesn’t even notice them at first before she finally breaks and runs into Dr. Winslow’s arms who picks her up and twirls her around.

Some astute characters notice that while Athena was sitting on this modern medical bed that gives out simple readings of heart beat, blood pressure, pules, and temperature that while Athena was playing it cool all of the readings were 0. When she finally broke they showed her actual vitals right before she jumped off the bed.

The Credits roll.



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