Battlestar Olympia

A View from Prommos Episode 200

“From the city of Sin shall come a man that is born to lead but crippled by his self doubts. The Poseidon’s Armsbearers will deliver him unto the child and she will remake him. Thus shall the path of the lost be set.”

About 1 year before the destruction.

Mayor Timmon Strabo listened as his aide rattled off the upcoming events. Hailey Vance. Sir we have quite a security situation here, we have the new Hermes Grande Hotel and Casino Grande opening this weekend, and to celebrate that Tomorrow afternoon we have a game between the Canceron Hydras and the Hades Vice. And top it all off is the concert being held by Nebula Muse at the open amphitheater. It’s just going to be a security nightmare. Oh and you are up 6 points in the poll. Strabo took this all in stride made a few calls. Made sure the police chief had security in hand and then called it a day.

The next morning he gets a call at 10am telling him he needs to come tot he office that there is some guy from Colonial Intelligence here with a big security problem. Once Strabo gets to the Office. He is briefed by a capricanwho introduces himself as Chance Dormer. Dormer informs Strabo that a Rogue Commander formerly in charge of the Battlestar Mars, has slipped into Canceron almost undetected. Except for his agency of course.

The Majority of Commander Hartmanns crew has been apprehended but he travels with a highly trained unit and could be here to make some type of terror attack.

Strabbo doesn’t fully trust Hartmann whom he send off with the police chief and orders the chief to keep the guy busy while he checks things out himself. That’s when a deranged woman shows up and Tells Strabo that there is going to be a bomb set off in his city and that she knows this because her 6 year old daughter drew it. Strabo is about to have the lady committed when he notices the drawing of Commander Hartmann apparently shot and killed. He asks more questions and finds out from his aide that this woman has a history of these absurd predictions based on her Daughters drawings, one of which shoes strange craft in the atmosphere at his inaugural party.

Strabo asks to speak with the girl, her mother agrees to let him talk to her but states she doesn’t talk much. She then proceeds to tell Strabo that when she got pregnant with her daughter that she had never been with a man. And she claims it was her daughter who told her what her name would be. Eventually Strabo gets to talk to the girl named Athena, and starts believing her drawings. He aks for the Augerer to come talk with the girl. He then sets out to contact Hartmann.

Commander Hartmann tells Strabo that human agents working for the Cylons are trying to destabilize parts of the Colonies and he is trying to stop it, tough enough by itself even tougher with Colonial Intel breathing down his neck. Eventually Hartmann figures out where the bomb is located (The Scoreboard of the new arena and it’s going to go off when the Canceron Hydra score their 5th point.) with the help of Strabo Commander Hartmann is able to defuse the bomb, and the bomb squad takes the micro nuke away. Strabo’s forces engaged the enemy at one point and defeated them.

With the help of Mr. Luigi Grosu, from Strabo allows Hartmann and his men to disappear and elude the Colonial Intel officers.

Strabo gets to meet Nebular Muse, and get some autographed photos. Looking back at the drawing done by Athena he now realizes he has 1 year to prepare before something really bad is going to happen to Canceron.

The Augerer tells Strabo that he is not sure what the girl is but she is no Augerer and his faith seems to have been shaken a bit. Kelly Kalypso informs Strabo that her daughter and her are going to relocate to Maytoria which she thinks may be much safer for raising her daughter.

Strabo begins to prepare for what is to come. just about bankrupting himself and his city. He convinces some people to move to this new Colony of Maytoria, and others he hopes to rescue any way he can. Reactivating old fall out shelters, hording supplies etc.

But it will never be enough. A year later the Cylons come.



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