Battlestar Olympia

"Return to Sagittaron" Episode 109

“The Child of Zeus shall lead Poseidon’s Armsbearers to a great treasure held in her father’s outstretched hands”

Dr. Winslow Sophia Winslow wakes up to see Athena Sitting on some strange mans lap in their room. Winslow immediately orders Athena to get away from that man. Which Athena obeys and comes over to sit on the bed with Dr. Winslow. The man claims he is the messenger from the gods. And that he has a warning that if Dr. Winslow cannot protect the child better the Lords will take her away. After delivering his message Sophia orders the man out of her room. Only to wake up latter and realize it was all a dream.

Meanwhile, while Sophia is being visited by Hermes, Kenner is getting some much needed rack time when a voice tells him to wake up. He keeps sleeping then suddenly his thumb is twisted causing him to roll off his bunk, luckily for him he rolls off his bunk just before an assailant planted knives in his chest. Kenner manages to grab is trusty wrench and battle ensues. Luckily for Kenner he wins defeating the bearded madman that attacked him. Standing there and congratulating him is the young girl which died on the hanger deck. Kenner who was not a believer in the Lords, starts having doubts in his disbelief.

Elsewhere Captain Valerii wakes up coughing with blood coming from his nose and mouth. He quickly hits the officers head and wipes away the evidence before anyone spots him.

Later that day Dr. Winslow finds several new drawings from Athena. One depicts a statue of Zeus with outstretched hands and some type of Orb in his hand. Another appears to be stars drawn in a sequence that suggests they are musical notes. Dr. Winslow takes the drawing of Zeus to Priestess Veil who recognizes the ball like sphere as The Orb of Zeus. Her last recollection of the Orb was that it was in a museum on Sagittaron.

She takes the drawings to Valerii and Kenner and after a bit of studying Kenner thinks the Drawing of the Stars could be some type of code, perhaps even FTL coordinates. Ensign Jonas is called in and eventually she confirms that these seem to be FTL coordinate for several jumps that would eventually jump a ship very close into the Sagittaron atmosphere from the fleets present location.

The information is taken to Colonel Frost who decides this Orb could be very valuable and sets the group tot he task of going to Sagittaron and recovering it. Dr. Winslow remembering her encounter with the messenger of the Gods, decides that even though the journey could be dangerous she is not leaving Athena behind.

With Karl manning the pilot station, Jonas operating FTL, and Sophia and Athena comfortably seated in the back, they are ready to take the Turkey out again. Athena wants to watch the jump never seeing one in a small craft before, she is quite excited about the whole thing.

After several jumps they jump into the system, noticing almost immediately that the Cylon presence is not quite as heavy. Karl deftly guides the ship in to a remote landing spot. Kristen is left behind in case they need a quick extraction, and the rest of the party disembarks for the walk to the Museum. Traveling thru the wooded areas, they spot lights ahead at one point and discover Cylon Centurions using bulldozers to dig a whole and then dump trucks brought in to dump human bodies. Sophia makes sure Athena doesn’t see this.

The make their way into the capital and approach the museum with as much stealth as they could. Arriving at the museum the party spies several human looking cylons being guarded by Centurions. Unfortunately they have their backs to the party so they can’t get a good look at them. One a tall blonde starts to turn towards them. But unfortunately any chance of seeing her vanishes when an explosion from a rocket launcher goes off. Killing the human models instantly. A firefight evolves between unknown assailants and the remaining centurions. Kenner and the party use this distraction to sneak into the museum.



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