Battlestar Olympia

"Maytoria, Part II" Episode 108

“The Child of Zeus shall lead the lost to the home of the gods and their she will lead a great victory with help of Poseidon’s Arms bearers”

Returning to the ship a plan is hatched to free the people of Maytoria. Ensign Kristen Jonas will take the Turkey back to Maytoria with the complement of Marines on board. They will engage the Centurions on the ground and start rescuing the prisoners. Once they have made it to landfall, the Trident will jump into the upper atmosphere of Maytoria, Launch one fighter squadron led by Captain Karl Valerii, to attack the heavier ground units, then FTL back out of the atmosphere launching the 2nd squadron to deal with the Cylon Raiders with the Trident in close support.

The plan works well for once. The Cylons are caught totally by surprise. The Trident jumps in launches the vipers which begins attacking the ground defense installations, jumps out and launches the 2nd wave of Vipers. Casualties are minimal in the air unfortunately a few Raiders were able to jump out. On the ground the Marines hit the Cylons hard and have the added benefit of the Air cover. The battle is relatively short. Capatin valerii and Ensign Brett “Weiner” Rymer Land their Vipers to assist on the ground. Along the way they make a startling discovery. A Doctor running experiments on the planet looks exactly like Dr. Deacon Mallard, they have discovered their first human looking Cylon.

With time not on their side, Kenner lands and begins prepping the old colony ships to lift off the colonists again. He does take time to try his hand at interrogating the prisoner, but that comes to an end as Captain Valerii shoots the prisoner in the face while he was taunting Valerii and Kenner.

Some Rodents had made their homes on the Colony ships and had to be smoked out before work could continue. By the time the ships were declared fight ready the Cylons had returned. A mad rush to get all the survivors and launch the vessels again. Ensign Jonas was called in to plot jump coordinates. As the ships jump the one Jonas is now piloting does not. with a little more coaxing from Kenner they finally get the green light and jump just as the Cylon missiles are vectoring in.



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